Mobile Apps for Social Networking


Mobile technology such as Smartphones and tablets are not really living up to the hype. Sure, they are getting faster, stronger and more reactive, but when most people only end up playing games on them—it seems like a bit of a waste. However, they do have a certain convenience factor which we should not ignore.          

Mobile Apps for Social Networking

Communicating via social media is not something that people do when they get home from work and school. People communicate throughout the day, and they do it in two ways. They use scheduling apps (or tools), or they use their mobile device to log on to their social media profile and post during their lunch breaks. Here are a few mobile apps you may find useful for convenient social networking.

The Facebook App and Facebook Home App 

The standard app is already pretty convenient. It allows you access to your profile. You can communicate with friends or check up on recent news too. The Facebook Home app turns the home screen into a Facebook news feed. It goes that one step further in making the access to your Facebook account that bit more convenient. It allows you to access the app and see what your friends are doing right now at this moment.


This is a rather new form of social networking because it allows you to do it offline. It allows you to locate people who are in your vicinity, but without members having to give personal information.

Facebook Messenger

You are probably aware that the desktop version of Facebook has a messenger feature. It allows you to send IM (Instant Messages) to people on the site, and they may in turn contact you. With this app you can do just that, but you do not have to access the rest of the site. It simply put the IM service on your phone, so that it looks more like an ongoing email conversation, rather than a small box full of text.


This is an app that is mainly focused on Twitter, but now also has Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare support too. You can create posts and upload them to your social media profiles, all from one app GUI. You may also schedule your posts so that you can post during times when you would otherwise be busy. You may also enjoy their analytic tools too, which will show you things such as your click stats and other important metrics.


This is a social media site that is being driven by the female demographic. Most social media sites have a heavier female attendance than male. For example, Facebook is around 60% female. However, Pinterest is around 90% female profiles. This app is a convenient way of getting in touch with people on Pinterest, and an even more convenient way of scrapbooking your photos as you take them. You simply photograph something with your mobile device and upload it onto the social media site.


This is a social media based IM service. It allows you to combine different IM services on just one app. It is a cross-platform client. You may contact people via AIM, Facebook, Yahoo and ICQ. You can see all the people who are online on those messaging services, and then pick and choose the ones you want to send a message to. It is available in Google Play for the Android, and it works in the background too so that you can leave it on as you wait for other people to come online and/or contact you.


This app has a very good function that turns your Twitter and Facebook feeds into a sort of flipbook. It makes browsing the feeds a little less lackluster. It also has news feeds (as many as 10 at the time of writing) as well as the two feeds from Twitter and Facebook. If you don’t mind having to look at all the ads they run on there, then you will love this convenient one-stop place for your latest news.