Lg versus SonyEase of Mobility 

The smart design and the size of the smart phones provide the user with an ease of mobility in carrying it around in the palm of the hand or in the trouser pocket. In fact, the smart phone offers the user an unlimited convenience of using it as a mini computer system.

Smart Phones are very much in vogue today throughout the world and especially in India where there is a burgeoning market.It would not be out of place to mention that a smart phone has assumed the significance of being a status symbol and a person can easily be recognized by the smart phone that he carries in his hand. It is not different in possessing a smart phone, since it is as easy as having a regular mobile phone. Every smart phone has distinctive and inherent features that vary from one smart phone to the other depending on the manufacturer producing the smart phone and the price of the smart phone in the market.

Extraordinary Smart Phones

The  Sony Exper ia  Tipo  Dual smar t  phone  and the  LG Optimus  L3  Dual II  E435  are one  of the  finest  devices  that  have  been  launched  by  one  of  the  internationally  famous multinational companies  in the  wor ld. The  Sony Xper ia Tipo  Dual smar t  phone is  one of the  recent  offer ings  from  Sony  Mobile  in  India  which  have  a  3.2  inches  display  with  a  resolution  of  480  x  320  pixels  with  262K  color   TFT  display.  Built  around  the  800  MHz Qualcomm  Snapdragon  processor ,  these  smar t  phones  come  with  500  MB  of  3G  data every  month.  It  comes  with  a  wide  range  of  connectivity  features  including  the  3G network,  Blue  Tooth  2.1  version,  Wi-Fi  and GPRS.  The  Xperia Tipo Dual  smart phone offers  Dual  SIM  suppor t  with  a  single touch  SIM switch  key.  The  Xper ia  Tipo  Dual  has  a 3.2  Mega Pixel  fixed focus camera with  powerful VGA  video recording.  This smartphone operates on the  Android Ice  Cream Sandwich  operating system  which powers the smartphone. With a memory feature  of 512 MB RAM, it has an internal memory of 2.9 GB which can  easily  be  expanded  to  32  GB through  a  micro  SD  card.  The Sony  Xperia  Tipo  Dual smart  phone is  powered  by  a  1500  mAh  battery.  The  Sony  Xperi a  Tipo  Dual   price  in India is Rs. 10499 which is slightly higher  priced for  the average Indian user .

The  LG  Optimus  L3  Dual  II  E435  smar t  phone  is  one  of  the  latest  varieties  of  electronic devices  introduced  by  LG  Electronics  India  into  the  Indian  market.

This  smartphone supports both 2G and 3G network as well as Dual SIM cards. The 3.2 inches display of the LG  Optimus  L3  Dual  II  E435  comprises  of  the  LCD  capacitive  IPS  touch  screen  with  a resolution  240 x  320 pixels.  Its light  weight of  110 grams  makes it  light in  weight offering an  ease  of  transportation. This  smart phone  has  an  internal  memory  of 4  GB  which  can be expanded  to 32  GB and  512 KB  of memory.  Its connectivity  features include  the Wi-Fi, Blue  tooth,  GPRS  and  EDGE.  A  3.15  Mega  Pixel  camera  with  a  resolution  of  2048  x  1536 pixels  along  with  geo-tagging  allows  the  user   to  shoot  video  at  30  frames  per   second.

The  smartphone  operates  on  the  Android  Jelly  Bean  Operating  System  and  is  built around the 1.0 GHz  Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. It is powered by  the Li-Po 1540 mAh battery  that  provides  the  user   with  an  out  of  the  wor ld  pleasant  exper ience.  The  LG Optimus  L3 II  Dual price  in  India is  set  at Rs.  8000/- which  is  slightly lower than the  Sony Xper ia Tipo Dual smartphone.