Lenovo, a pacesetter in the industry of PC, is reputed for its well-built laptop computers, notebooks and other personal computer products, but while doing so, it is not yet recognized for its smartphone products. In order to change that impression, the company created its “hero” device that would be its portfolio flagship to stimulate that halo impact on its various smartphones. Unveiled during the Consumer Electronics Show ( CES ) recently this year, its latest device, Lenovo K900 is introduced and is poised to be its flagship product to steer its stock portfolio.

Pros of Lenovo K900

The Clover Trail Intel Atom-powered 5.5-inch smartphone operates at a fast clock speed of 2 GHz, removing the lag when one is playing with it. Although it is a protracted handset, the 6.9 mm hardly weighed anything in one’s hand. Not surprisingly, it is worth observing that the K900 moves into the territory of phablet along with famous brands LG Intuition and Samsung Galaxy Note.

lenovo k900 review

One will love the look and feel of the stainless-steel back that definitely speaks of a premium finish compared with Lenovo’s previous plastic smartphones. There is something to be mentioned about utilizing the appropriate materials for handsets, specially if you are going to hold it on a regular basis.

Because of the recent trends of employing quality parts in smartphones like HTC One‘s aluminum finish or LG Optimus G‘s rear glass and Sony Xperia Z, plastic material is dead and with any luck Samsung may learn a few things for its forthcoming flagship handset.

Additional features include a 13-megapixel cam, 16 GB integrated memory, 2 GB RAM, Android 4.1.2 Jelly bean, a media player and productivity and organizer features. Lenovo is employing its very own UI, known as Le Phone, on its K900 along with the Android 4.1.2 OS. One will like the features, particularly the special shortcut keys that open 5 buttons for quick access to options such as alarm, brightness and your music. As the app drawer is opened up, the switching from one page to another raises a cool whirling effect although that’s actually fairly cosmetic. Even so, there are some issues about the UI that will be discussed below.

The slender 6.9mm profile is really a pleasant trade-off for its huge total size. One will just like the stainless-steel casing that provides the smartphone an even, sturdy and sleek feel while holding it in hand. Among the models on screen comes with a beautiful copper skin, however, the standard handset is just available in basic black. In addition, the smartphone also features 16 GB of internal storage, which will be adequate for standard use, then there is a slot for micro SD card (upto 32 GB) should you run out of internal space.

Battery time :  consists 2500 mAh Battery

Stand by   –  Up to 300 h (2G) / Up to 300 h (3G)
Talk time  – Up to 15 h (2G) / Up to 12 h (3G)


Cons of Lenovo K900

Even though the 1080p 5.5-inch screen looks sharp, it does not really appear to be, as Lenovo chose to use what is apparently bigger fonts and larger icons on its K900. This gives it quite a kiddish charm that distracts itself from the handset’s assembly. Maybe the handset could well be better supported by a simple approach which the K900 stainless-steel design communicates. It features a pixel denseness of greater than 400ppi.

The smartphone also features a 13 MP camera, but of course megapixels are not everything as with the HTC One. Also the spear like shape of the K900 causes it to be quite difficult to reach the power switch with just one single hand. One has to do a little bit of stretching. A Lenovo representative we spoke with did explain that the smartphone fits rather comfortably with people with smaller hands, and then we discovered that one can use it effortlessly with only one hand due to the slimness of the device. Just do not attempt to turn off and on the power switch with one small hand unless you really want to do lots of hand-stretching exercises.

Price of Lenovo K900 :

In India   :  Varies around 25 k – 27 k rupees in various online stores

In U.S.A :  Varies around  $350 – $500 in various online stores


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