Learn How To Moonwalk

Legendary Pop Star, the Great Micheal Jackson’s Moonwalk dance move is considered as an iconic and all time favorite dance move by people around the world. I tried to do moonwalk a lot of times in the past, but i wasn’t able to. I’m not a professional dancer or anything like that[not even a noob dancer] and i don’t like to learn this move from others. So for a while i stopped trying to learn this move, until today. I just came across this awesome “How to Moonwalk” animated infographic and i can say only one thing now. This Moonwalk infographic = Mind Blown. 

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If you are the one like me, who wants to learn moonwalk dance move yourself, then this infographic might help you. So hurry up now and learn this, impress your friends, family and your best buddies. Infographic via: Animagraffs

Learn How To Moon Walk in Simple Steps