Want to learn Foreign languages like Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, French, German etc . But could’nt afford to waste a lot of money and time learning them. Then i have a perfect solution for the guys like you.

Learn foreign languages completely free of cost and that too when you’re having some free time. Yes really it’s possible. In the new developed internet based world everything is possible.

Here  I introduce you two new Startups that are aimed to make this world a better place with free education and no language barriers.



The  best  option  i  would  actually  recommend  to  anyone  who  wants to  learn  a  new language is Duolingo.

There’s  is  also  an  Android  Application  of  this  with  the  same  name as  website’s “Duolingo.”

Download  the  App  and  start  your new  journey  towards  learning  a new  language. Duolingo  offers to learn  many  languages  for  free, the list  includes Spanish,French,German,Portuguese,English etc



Verbling  is  the  fastest  way  to  become  fluent  in  a  foreign  language by  learning  and practicing through live video. Users can interact with other users through webcam.

In  Verbling  you  can  learn  through  video  classes  known  as Verbling classes.  Verbling Classes  are  language  classes  taught  over   live video  by  a  native-speaking, hand-picked,qualified  teacher. Nine simultaneous  students can  participate actively in each class. At present English and Spanish are only supported through Verbling Classes. 

English,Spanish, Portuguese,  Arabic, Mandarin, French, German, Hebrew,Italian,Japanese, and Russian are the most popular languages available but all other languages are also available.

That’s all everyone. Please let us know your views in the comments below.