Keyword Research Tips for Better SEO Success

  • Harleena Singh

    Hi Anny & Sumanth,

    Yes, keywords are essential for any post if you want them to rank or show up in the search results, though not everyone uses it. I’ve seen so many blogs rank on the first page of Google, where they haven’t really used any keywords – which made me wonder how? Sometimes you just rank for an odd keyword that you haven’t even targeted.

    I guess it all depends on Google and the way it deciphers your posts. I agree, yoast helps a great deal there. Another thing is that the SEO strategy and the way it was used earlier has changed a lot, and might keep changing further. We need to use more of keyword variations than the exact ones, and sometimes just do without them too – a blend is good too :)

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

    • Sumanth

      Thanks for the comment Harleena Singh. I hope you liked the article.
      And coming to your views, apart from the Traffic, keywords do helps us in increasing the revenue of programs like adsense, yahoo etc. And yes the seo strategies are the ones which are bothering a lot of bloggers now a days,because as you say they need to be updated themselves everyday.
      Once again Harleena Singh, thanks for you support towards our site and thank you so much again. :)