Micromax vs Karbonn

Karbonn  S5  Titanium  vs. Micromax  Canvas

Smartphones  are  ruling  the market  today;  they  have  influence  on almost  all   aspects  of   life.

When  there  is  something  that  has  become  such  a  vital   part  of   life,  there  will   be  competition  to pick  the  best  among  the  rest  and there  is  competition  on  the other  end  as  well   to  produce  the best too. While  there  have been some  really  amazing  phones being manufactured  by  the world leaders  like  Samsung,  HTC,  Nokia and Apple  there  are  few small scale  companies  like  the Micromax and Karbonn,  the  ones that are also  in  the  block providing  tough competition  to  the companies.

As of  now Micromax’s  Canvas  series and  the Karbonn S5  Titanium Series  are in  close competition  with each  other  in the Indian market. Well ,  if   you  are  looking  for  a good Android phone for  a  small   budget  you could  go  for  either  of   these as they  of   a pretty decent quality  and would not  burn  a  hole  in  your pocket  too.

If   you  are  in  a  dilemma  to  pick  the  best  of   these  phones,  here is  a  comparisoon  between  the phones;  this  is  just  comparison  of   the  features  that  both  the  phones  are  offering,  not  a  one to one comparision,  where  one  phone  is  being  cited  of   higher  or  a lower quality  than  the  others.

Operating  system:

The Micromax  Canvas  and  the  Karbonn  S5  Titanium  are powered  by  Jellybean  versions  for operating  systems,  but Micromax  takes  a  better  stance  here  as  it runs  on  the  Androi d  Versi on 4.1.2  while  the  Karbonn  S5  Titanium runs  on  Android  version 4.1, but  then  both  the  phones perform pretty  well ,provided  they  are running  on  Android’s Jellybean version, that  has  not been  pitched with  any  complaints off late,  but  operating system  wise  the  Micromax Canvas would  be a star  stealer  for  it carries  an  upgraded  version  of same.  To support the  powerful Android  systems,  both  the  phones are mounted  on Quad  Core processors  of  1.2GHz  each;  that would be  expected  as the operating system  is  really  up  to  the mark  and updated.


The Micromax  Canvas  and  the  Karbonn  S5  Titanium  both  sports stylish  cameras  of   8 MP  each with  a  resoluti on  of   324×2448 pixels and  some  of  the  features that  are  necessary  with  any smartphone for  that matter,  the  only catch  here  that  the Micromax Canvas  being a  newer version  in  the block,  has  some  added features  like  the touch focus  and  face  detection  besides that  the other  features  like the geo  tagging,  auto focus  and  LED flashlight are  available  on both the phones.The  cameras mounted  on  both  the phones  are quite exceptional ,  for  they  carry some  of   the  best  of   the  features  seen in most  of   the  high  end phones, manuf actured by companies  of   International   recognition,  but  then  there  are reports that  claim  that the  Karbonn S5  Titanium’s  camera  is  terrible and thus  the  image or the  video  quality  is  also  terrible.

Considering  the  camera  al one  both  the  phones  stand  neck  to neck  but  if   you  would  be  consider every minor  feature  then  again the Micromax  stands  tall .


Data  Connectivity:

Data  connectivity  wi se,  both  the  phones  go  neck  to  neck  in  the competition  as they more  or  less carry  the  same  specifications  both the Mi cromax  Canvas  and  the  Karbonn  S5  Titanium  support GPRS and  EDGE  and Wi – Fi   b/g/n  al ong  wi th  the Wi – Fi   hotspot,  Bl uetooth  connectivity  is  also availabl e  wi th  A2DP,  the  only difference  here  is  that  the Mi cromax  Canvas  support  the

Bluetooth  version  4.0  while  the  Karbonn  S5  Titanium   supports Bluetooth  version  2.0  and  of course  both  the  phones  are  equipped with  USB  connectivity  just  that  the Micromax  Canvas also supports USB  on- to-go,  again  even  wi th  the  connectivity  features  both the smartphones  seem pretty  decent,  consi dering  the  USB  on- the-go and  the  Bluetooth  version  to  be  better  than  in  the Micromax Canvas, Micromax  is   a  clear  winner  in  the  block.


Both  the  phones  are  built  in  with  a memory  of   32GB  wi th  1GB RAM  and  an  expandable  Mi croSD card  slot  up  to  32GB,  it  is quite cl ear  i n  thi s  scene  that  there is  no  competition,  both  the phones offer  the  same  features  and the same  capabilities.  In  the memory front  both  the Micromax Canvas  HD and  the  Karbonn  S5 Titanium have  been  on  each other.


Both  the Mi cromax  Canvas  and  the  Karbonn  S5  Titanium    are powered  by  2000mAh  batteri es, that  woul d mean  an  approxi mate battery  backup  of   5  hours,  not  somethi ng  really  great  as one would  definitel y  not  want  a  phone  that  woul d  gi ve  a  5  hour battery backup,  in  this  world  of   race and  competition  where everyone  is  i n  a  hurry  to meet  the  deadl i nes,  a  dead  battery would  be frustrating,  but  i t  i s  not  possible  to make  a  judgment on this front, for  both  the  phones  offer  the same  amount  of   battery back  on  talk  ti me.


Mi cromax  Canvas  i s  tagged  at  a  pri ce  of   Rs.  15000/-   approximatel y,  whi l e  the  Karbonn  S5 Ti tani um  i s  comes  wi th Rs.11990/-   approxi matel y,  a  pri ce  tag of   quite much  in  budget for the Indian market  and  pocket.

Wel l ,  on  an  end  note,  both  the  phones  are  excepti onal l y  good considering  their make,  the qual ity  of   both  the  phones  are  up  to the mark.  There  i s  no  clear  winner  as  such  here,  both are extremely  well   engineered  phones,  but  provi ded  the  f act  that the Mi cromax  Canvas  i s  a  newer versi on  and  an  updated  versi on of the  all   the  other predecessor  seri es,  i t  seems  to  be more promising  than  the  Karbonn  S5  Ti tani um.

Techni cally,  it  is  wise  choi ce  to  go  f or  the Mi cromax  Canvas series  for it is  novel   and more advanced  than  the  Karbonn  S5 Titanium.  It  woul d  be  a  tough choice  to make  if   Karbonn comes up  with  better models  for  the market  as  the  Karbonn  S5 Titanium  does not  seem  to have appealed  the masses.  The Karbonn S5  Titanium fails  to  live up  to the  expectati ons  of   the masses  on the  whole  and the Micromax Canvas  HD  i s  a  new  kind  in  the block,  but  even then it has managed  to  grab  the attention  of   the consumers.

The Micromax  Canvas  is  a  clear  winner  in  comparision  between  the Micromax  Canvas  and  the Karbonn  S5  Titanium.