OnePlus 2 Gadget Review

The hottest topic right now, of course, is about the new OnePlusTwo which is very exciting as was its predecessor, the OnePlus One which took the market by storm last year.
The question trending now is about how the new iteration builds up on the old one.

The OnePlus 1 had a beautiful, classy build and the new iteration stacks up on it by similar but improved aesthetics.

oneplus one
The first, most functional and eye-catching difference is that the home button on the front isn’t actually a button that you can press down on, but is one that locates an area for you to put your finger on and unlock the phone using the finger-print reader. It’s noteworthy that the finger-print reader in the OnePlus Two, even when the phone is off, scans your finger-print and unlocks the phone if its a previously registered finger impression. This, certainly is a cool stack up on the predecessor.
A well-noticeable technical improvement is that the OnePlus Two has been given a Micro USB Type ‘C’. This not only hopefully conduces charging, but also improves data speed and is also reversible! So, yeah, the heir does keep up its predecessor nature of improving moblie experience. The OnePlus Two also provides dual-sim capabilities out-of-the-box!
oneplus two
While the 3 mm head-set jack stays on top, the volume buttons move over to the right with the  power buttton. This is because of the new ‘Notifications Toggle’ which is on the other side. This toggle has three different positions for different types of notifications where you can get all, none, or only important/prioritized ones. This new button layout in the OnePlus two is truly a great new provision which improves up on not only the OnePlus One but on all the previously done button layouts.
Coming to talk about the engine underneath, the OnePlus one’s Snapdragon 800 has been taken up to the Snapdragon 801 (version 2.1) in the OnePlus Two. The iteration’s power engine can safely be assigned ‘one of the most powerful current processors’ honor. The Snapdragon 801 64-bit processor backed by the Adreno 430 and 4GB RAM is a delightful powerhouse! And yes, definitely a great stack up on speed and performance.
When asked on Mynit-An opinion based social network*, we saw that 62% of the users agreed with us. The other 27% of the users felt the former was better while 11% of them remained neutral on this question.
Here, take a look-


Although both the OnePlus one and Two have 13 megapixel shooters, there certainly are neat improvements in the OnePlus Two, namely the Lazer Guided Auto-focus and the Optical Image Stabilization. Also, the low light performance of the heir should be better than the predecessor owing to new changes.
Finally, coming to the software, the OnePlus Two brings in ‘Oxygen OS’ with it while the predecessor had the Cyanogen OS. The only contempt with the OnePlus Two is probably this since the Oxygen OS is pretty much stock Android while the Cyanogen has many other custom features and security provisions. New changes include gestures to get to places easily and the ‘shelf’ which gives you your frequently used apps and apps based on context. If custom setting is really your ‘THE THING’, then the Oxygen OS might not fill your needs.
 In conclusion, I’ll have to say that OnePlus has indeed done a great job working on it’s second and the best phone. Atleast that’s what we feel. Of-course, every one is entitled to have opinions. I’m sure you too have an opinion, so do go ahead and express your opinions on Mynit*.

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