iOS 7: 7th Wonder?

Since the  launch of  iPhone  in 2007, Apple has revolutionized the world of smartphones with a beautiful hardware design and more importantly, a smooth and slick touch  interface. This  interface  is attributed to the underlying  iOS platform, which made people believe in the fact that smartphones are smarter by the use of software/ apps rather than the hardware.

iOS also gave rise to other OSeswhich were specifically designed for touch-screen devices  like Android by Google, Windows Phone by Microsoft, etc.

While, Apple started this touchscreen revolution, over the years  it seems that  it has fallen behind  its competitors  in terms of  innovation and usability. With the rumors going round about the next version of  iPhone-  iPhone 5S/  iPhone 6 to be  launched  later this year,  it’s also speculated that Apple will bring a host of new features with  its next version of Operating System-  iOS 7.

This OS will bring great synergy between hardware and software. Let us take a  look at the speculations for  iOS 7 and what  it might hold.

Release Date

Apple has recently announced  its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) to be held during June 10-June 14, 2013  in San Francisco.

Looking at previous release of  iOS,  it’s pretty certain that the next version of  iOS-  iOS 7 will be unveiled  in WWDC.

Schedule running behind?

According to rumors,  iOS 7  launch schedule  is running behind for its possible release  in WWDC and engineers from Mac OS X 10.9 have been pulled off to help  in fasten up development. This news  is kind of similar to an earlier report when  launch of Leopard OS was delayed due to the  iOS development.


As mentioned earlier that  iOS has become stale since  its first release, with minor changes being announced on every update. Apple might go for a system-wide overhaul for  iOS 7. Also,  it will be having significant change as Apple’s hardware designer Jonathan  Ive have also stepped in on designing software after Scott Forstall (iOS software head) was removed from his position. He will make  it concurrent with minimalistic hardware design of Apple devices. According to rumors, iOS 7 will be having ‘clean edges and flat surfaces’

Possible Features

These are the roundup of features which Apple might  include  in  iOS 7 along with wish  list what we want to see  in  it.

Security- Apple acquisition of mobile security firm Authentec suggests that Apple might be planning to bring some security features  in  iOS and  iPhone/  iPad. Eventually  it could also be used for payments through Apple’s Passbook app.

2.Widgets- Android home screen  is dynamic and with the ability of using widgets  it becomes much more useful. They  let you read,  initiate actions or manage the app without even going to the particular app, and right from the comfort of a home screen. We hope Apple may also introduce some widget  like functionality.

3.Improved lock screen- Minimalistic  look of  lock screen  in  iOS is great, but  it remains  largely unusable.  iOS shows cover album of the song being played, but no options of controlling them by playing/pause, etc. Neither one can take any actions on notifications.