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Hello my dear fellow readers,  We’re very proud to announce the starting of a new series called “Famous Blogger Interviews”. In this series we will interview atleast two famous bloggers every month who are successful in blogging , and earning a considerable income from it.

So as a jump start to our new category, we are going to interview “Ryan Biddulph” owner of  Cash with a True Science Blog, a successfull blogger who travels the world. Then let’s start the interview.

1. Hello Ryan , Many of you knew about you already ,  but even though may you please introuduce yourself in a few words.

Ryan Biddulph

My name is Ryan Biddulph. I am a 38 year old internet lifestyle junkie who enjoys traveling the world, petting tigers, meditating, keeping fit and helping people make money online. I have my BS in Meteorology from Kean University in NJ but could honestly never forecasted this career for myself 🙂

My blog: Cash With a True Conscience


2.  When did you start blogging and what was your niche back then and are there any blogging mistakes you’ve done at that time.?

I began blogging 4 years ago. I focused on cash gifting. I have since shifted my focus to making money online, more specifically, assisting people in living the internet lifestyle. As for mistakes, too many to count, but I would say NOT creating long, in-depth, resource-style posts – in the 2000 to 2500 word range – as well as not building powerful, strong lasting connections with fellow bloggers.


3. How may hours you spend on blogging each day or every week ?

I spend about 6 to 8 hours blogging daily. I used to spend 16 some days back when I struggled. If you want to succeed I would say 3 hours or more minimum a day, IF you really want to rock it out online.


4.  Is blogging your main profession? 

Yes it is. I generate multiple streams of income through my blog and also write paid guest posts for clients. Income streams: ghostwriting, affiliate marketing, advertising revenue, paid guest posts, sponsored posts, cash gifting(although not income, just a prosperity stream) and various offline investments. Open those streams of income guys!


5.  What are the most dissappointing, frustating and happiest moments in your blogging career?

Disappointing – Posting 65 times a day between 2 blogs and seeing a few cents worth of Adsense revenue.(most were 30 to 60 second video posts) Also, getting like zero comments in my blogging early days, and not being able to snag more than 1 or 2 leads daily.

Happy stuff: checking my metrics a few days ago to see over 7500 page visits and 6000 page views…in a single day  🙂  I felt grateful because I remember the days of 100 or 200 views in a day. Anybody can rock this out guys, hey, I was a former fired security officer with NO knowledge of blogging or being an entrepreneur. I knew little about the internet, save cnn.com and espn.com, honest.


6. I came to know that you’re earning consistent income from your blog.What’s the secret behind your success?

Create good, in-depth, long, insightful blog posts, promote other bloggers aggressively and post in-depth, 2-3-4 paragraph long, helpful comments on other blogs, addressing your fellow blogger by name. Create, connect. Make an impact in all that you do.


7. WIll you please let us know about your earning details per month and how do you prefer to monetize your blog?Affiliate marketing or Ad networks like Adsense. Which is the best ?

I do not share my results. Why? People want the LIFESTYLE, not the numbers! Also, sharing numbers makes people chase money, and chasing money is, by far, the worst mistake I made in my career online. Greedy or desperate people obsess over “If he made so and so a month I can too!”, but you cannot, because you are focusing on MONEY and NOT on CREATING and CONNECTING.

The channels do not matter; most struggling bloggers focus on numbers, or methods to monetize. Create. Connect. Create. Connect. Once you create and connect, the money flows in through Adsense, or sponsored posts, or any advertising channels. I do not make millions from my blog – now 😉 – but I know that when I stopped focusing on income and started focusing on helping people, creating, and connecting, I prospered.


8. Recently you’ve posted your blog stats on facebook. You’re getting quite a good traffic.What r ur promotional techniques for your blog?

I belong to tribes at Triberr, the Comment DX tribe and 2 other tribes. All awesome vehicles for boosting traffic. Also posting helpful, detailed comments on blogs and promoting the heck out of other people.

9. Which one do you prefer the most : Guest Blogging, Blog commenting ? And Why ?

Commenting. Quick and easy.

10. Many blogs recently git hit be the new Google Algo Updates. Did that effected your blog too.? If yes how did your blog recovered from it .?

No not at all. My blogging success depends on the quality of my content and the number and strength of my friendships. No worries about Google, they are always changing metrics but my friends, and my content, well both only change if I panic and stop creating good stuff or making close friends.


11. Who is your favourite blogger (or bloggers) and what are your favourite blogs?

I love Ray Higdon and Darren Rowse. Ray lives an inspiring life and Darren’s rise to success is super interesting too.


12. What are your Future Plans ?

Being in the moment  🙂  All my power is present, here, and now. Outside of that, living the internet lifestyle, traveling the world and helping other people do the same.


13. Any suggestions for Newbie bloggers? (Regarding seo, monetizing, blogging tips etc.)?

Work on your mindset. Meditate 30 minutes or more daily. The only thing preventing your success are limiting beliefs, and uncovering these limiting, negative beliefs, through meditation, will take 3 to 5 years off of your learning curve.

Example; until last month I had 2-3 streams of income on my blog. Now I have 13 through my blogs. Through meditation I uncovered the belief that “I can only have 2-3 income streams because my blog will be too salesy and nobody will click my links and blah, blah, blah.” Meditation introduces your limits to you, so you can kick them in the butt and do what you are afraid to do.


14.  In five years how will you look yourself in blogging career?

We will see…..only God knows. I just want to do my best. If God wants me to become the first billionaire blogger, I will agree with the Universe on this one  🙂


15.  And the  last , any message for our readers.?

Push yourself. I went from having 4 cents to traveling the world because I knew that ALL that I wanted to achieved existed outside of my comfort zone. Work on your mindset for at least 30 minutes daily, before you touch your computer, and do uncomfortable stuff, and follow inspiring bloggers, and follow their advice, and with patience and persistence you will rock it out.

Thanks for sharing the opportunity with me Sumanth!

    <– THE END —>


Thank you so mucch Ryan for sharing your views and spending your valuable time with us. I really wish you all the best and see you again. 🙂

And now it’s your turn my fellow dear readers, express your best wishes to Ryan and share this interview. Thank you 🙂