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Famous Blogger Interviews Reginald Chan

Hello my dear fellow readers and bloggers, last time we made an exclusive interview with Ryan Biddulph, and we promised you that there will be more coming. As promised here we come again with a new Blogger Interview.  Adn this time it’s Reginald Chan ,  an awesome simple famous blogger who rose to fame in a short time.  I’m damn sure you don’t want to miss this. So let’s us start 🙂


1)  First question is simple , please tell us about yourself, where are youu from, your hobbies, your educational background, your blogs etc.?

Reginald Chan

Reginald Chan


My name is Reginald Chan and I am a Malaysian Chinese. I love writing since younger days and didn’t even though of blogging until I was like 16 years old. I love technology (but not as much as last time) and I didn’t go to college due to family problem.

I started over a dozen blog since 2005 (Blogspot, WordPress, Weebly and self-hosted domains) … you name it, I done it.

When I started ReginaldChan.net, I was determined to very different from the rest. My main goal isn’t to share on topics that others are talking about. Instead, I want to share my experience on blogging etc. I just don’t want my blog to be ‘that another blog’ type.

Personally, I blog on very specific niches such as blogging tips, Internet Marketing, SEO and website creation. I don’t call myself an expert but I do have deep passion and experience in those fields.



2)  When did you start blogging and what was your niche back then and are there any blogging mistakes you’ve done at that time.?


When I first start blogging, my niche was … none. I didn’t know what was a niche then (yes, epic right?) and I was blogging everything under the sun. I talked mainly about smartphones and surprisingly, I was doing very well even on my first Blogspot account which is still earning me money until today.

I must be lying if I said I have no mistakes right? In fact, I did many! The biggest mistake was not focusing on specific topics. For example, I started blogging about everything which is bad in terms of SEO and even for the blog itself. One thing I learn from my blogging experience is specific niches does better than general niches.

Another mistake of mine was not starting a mailing list. I always have the concept that bloggers doesn’t need a mailing list, which I was terribly wrong. Mailing list has many advantages and you need to have at least one if you want to go serious with blogging.

Lastly, I didn’t bother about commenting on other blogs. That was the biggest mistake I did. I thought that with good write up, I can draw traffic. Blogging is all about relationship making and collaboration. You need to comment to get more comments. That’s a good example I would say.

“Always remember that in blogging, sharing is caring.”



3)  How many hours do you spend on blogging each day or every week ?


Now this is hard. My blogging are done from phrase to phrase and it would easily take a week for an article to be ready.

Basically, I use Evernote to keep all my ideas while Google Drive is meant for all important informations and sample write ups. Once everything is done (with enough facts), I will start blogging on WordPress and keeping it as a draft.

Once blogging is done, I will do two rounds of checking for grammars and adding more information. Then, I will be adding images and URL’s which are related on the last check before publishing.

Yes the process is long but I like it that way. Also, I don’t like to rush or publish a ‘half-baked’ blog post though I did it by accident once!



4)  Is blogging your main profession? If not what’s your profession other than blogging?


Blogging is my ultimate and dream profession. However, I have a day job as a manager in a chain hotel back in Malaysia. So, there’s where my marketing skills come into play.

I am slowly building my career in blogging and hopefully I would be able to quit my day job in the next 10 years to come and focus on blogging completely.


5)  What are the most disappointing, frustrating and happiest moments in your blogging career?


Well, there are many disappointments and frustrating moments I had experience. I can’t remember all but the latest one was being hit by Google Panda Update on small sites (back in August 2013). Though I did nothing wrong in terms of SEO, but I was just ranking too fast which triggers a slight penalization on my blog.

Happiest moment? Honestly, I only started to enjoy some fame recently when I got featured on several big sites such as Traffic Generation Café, Blogging Wizard, Adrienne Smith, Emfastincome and WPKube.



6)  Your blog Reginald Chan rose to fame in a small time. What’s the secret behind your success?


When I started this blog, I wanted to write for the bloggers and that’s all. I share my experiences with my readers and hopefully, they can learn and grow from my mistakes. Therefore, my main focus is to always write for my readers.

The trick behind this is to understand why they are here at my blog. So, once you figured that out, you need to adjust the type of writings you are going to have on your blog.

I also didn’t focus a lot on SEO. I did minimum SEO but focus a lot in contributing to other sites in both comments and guest postings. I build some reputation there and once you have contributed enough on other sites, those bloggers there would be sharing your articles even more.

This is what I call a win-win situation.



7)  Will you please let us know about your earning details per month and how do you prefer to monetize your blog? Through affiliate marketing or Ad networks like Adsense? Which is the best ?


I can’t disclose exactly how much I earn but I do earn between $200 to $500 per month in total. Most of my earnings come from affiliate sales and some boost from Google Adsense.

When it comes to monetizing a blog, there is no such thing as the best as each niche works very differently. For example, you can blog everything about blogging but the cost per click could only go as high as $0.50 per click. Imagine selling a blogging affiliate and earn $50 per sales. Which would you go?

Of course, it is easier to sell just one affiliate product than getting 100 clicks on Adsense. Make sense?

The above are just guidelines. You need to know what your readers are looking for before you can close a sale and fast. Here’s an example: You blog about ‘Where to buy the cheapest iPhone 5’. Will you be trying to sell an affiliate which is offering jailing breaking for iPhone 5 or an affiliate selling iPhone 5?

Obviously, visitors coming over to visit that article has a higher chance to click on ‘buy iPhone’ than just ‘jailbreak iPhone’.

For me, monetizing is all about putting your eggs in several baskets. I am an affiliate member for ShareASale, Commission Junction, ClickBank, DigiResults and Amazon to name a few. For ad networks, I only stick with Google Adsense for better payout.


8) What are your promotional techniques to get traffic for your blog?


This is easy. My concept is to write not a good article but a great article and share it on social media. I work on several social media, mainly Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. They are good traffic generator if you have the right content.

When you write great articles, you can do limited promotional techniques and people will do a share for you. Recently I blogged on a simple topic and it got shared by a person who has over 100,000 followers on Twitter.

Basically, you need to make sure your writing materials are shareable and that makes ‘sharing’ easier. Writer something that is worth reading and people will share it. At times, a simple “Hi, can you please share for me if you like” could work but do this to your loyal readers only. Avoid doing this to your new readers or they will say you spam.


9) Many blogs recently got hit be the new Google Algo Updates. Did that effected your blog too.? If yes how did your blog recovered from it .?


I was hit by Google Panda Update on small sites which happened end of August. I was affected pretty bad where I lost about 50% of my targeted keywords and my traffic from search engine dropped pretty bad too.

I didn’t actually do anything to recover it since I didn’t do any black hat SEO and thus, there is (of course) nothing to worry about. Furthermore, I am focusing a lot of referral traffic and thus, that keep the traffic moving.

Within a week of the update, I noticed my search engine traffic improved and I think, a small algo did happened which solve the issue. This particular Google update on August was meant to hit micro niche sites but for those who are focusing a lot on keywords and some SEO freaks like me, we got hit badly.

Basically, whenever you get hit by Google algo, you need to consider if you are using any black hat SEO. If yes, use the Disavow Tool by Google and remove them. Also, I am a strong believer that you should build your backlink generally.

Forget about building thousands of links using a program. It is not worth your time and money, honestly speaking.



10) What do you prefer most among blog commenting and Guest blogging. And why ?


I am a strong believe in both and am actively doing specific blogging for several sites. If I got to choose, I would go for guest blogging.

Guest blogging isn’t about building backlinks and I even tell the editors to place a NoFollow tag on my writing if they have to. The thing is, write something great and epic for your guest blogging. If you are giving a 100% for your blog, give it 120% for your guest post.

With guest posting, you are telling others that you are an authority in a specific niche. For example, I blog a lot on WordPress tweaks, SEO and marketing because I really specializes in those fields. Writing it would create a lot of traffic and building authority.

When you have the authority, other famous bloggers will share information and increase your traffic all together .



11) Who is your favourite blogger (or bloggers) and what are your favourite blogs?


Okay this is hard. I read a lot and have many favorite ones! My top 3 will always be CopyBlogger (Brian Clark and Simone), Quick Sprout (Neil Patel) and Traffic Generation Café (Ana Hoffman).

Well, CopyBlogger teaches me to be a better blogger and content marketing while Neil is great in terms of sharing tips on analysis. Ana is great with all their insider tips in blogging and traffic generation.



12) What are your Future Plans?


My plans are to get my blog up the page rank and hit 10,000 views in a month. I am far from that and hopefully I can do so within a year. I have big plans.

Once that is up and running, I am planning to do collaboration with a few bloggers to build a website from scratch. A very specific niche type but again, that is the future plans. Who knows what will happen tomorrow right?

Lastly, I want to retire my day job and focus on blogging in the next 10 years. I want to be able to sit at St. Peter’s square in Rome, sipping coffee while blogging! That would sound so great .!



13)  Any suggestions for Newbie bloggers? (Regarding seo, monetizing, blogging tips etc.)?

As a new blogger, don’t even think of making money from blogging. People doesn’t make money from blogging immediately. Usually, these income will only come in after a year or so in blogging.

Most importantly, blog because you have the passion and not otherwise. With passion, you are going to go real far indeed.

In blogging, don’t focus too much in earning money unless you have more than 5,000 views a month and for SEO, never overdo it and do not use black hat SEO. SEO is simple and you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on these backlink tools.

Understand Google and you will dominate the search engines.



14)  In five years how will you look yourself in blogging career?


I will be seeing myself competing with over 100 million blogs out there. Haha! Blogging is a tough industry but it is always fun. What I foresee is SEO will be changing and the course of blogging will divert into a very diverse one indeed.

I certainly hope to hit the ‘mark’ as a professional blogger in the next 5 years and that’s for sure.



15) And the  any last message to our readers.?


Blogging is all about building relationship with other bloggers. Forget about SEO or backlinking. Instead, build a truckload of followers and readers who will support you from time to time. They are the one who is going to help you share articles etc.

You can always focus in making money but never ever focus too much on it. When you have the traffic and fame, money will come in slowly.

It’s been an honour interviewing you Reginald. Thanks for spending your valuable time for us. Thanks a lot and we hope you will achieve all your goals sooner.

                                                          <== The End ==>

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