Samsung S4 Galaxy review
Samsung is going to launch Galaxy S4 pretty soon in 30 countries including India. In addition to a groundbreaking configuration, company’s latest smartphone comes with some interesting smart features. Out of all, our favorites are Smart Scroll, Smart Pause and Air Gesture which will change the way people use their mobiles. All the smart features coming with Galaxy S4 are showcased at Samsung’s website as Life Tasks.
Air Gesture & Air View
      Samsung S4 Galaxy review
Air Gesture and Air View allow users to use control their phone without touching its screen. Air Gesture allows you to check photos in gallery, accept calls, change music and browse internet simply by waving your hand over the screen.  Web browsing experience is improved by Air Gesture smart feature. Make mid-air swipes using your hand in different directions and web pages will scroll in those directions.
Air View works when you hover your finger on the screen above any content you want to check. It will preview messages without opening them. Both Air Gesture and Air View are really good features which lets you do something more out of a smartphone.
Check out this videos to know how it works.

Video of internet browsing with gestures

Smart Pause & Smart Scroll

Smart pause is another great feature in Samsung Galaxy S4. Smart pause lets you control the phone screen using your eyes. It will pause a video when you look away and also start it again when your eyes are back on the screen. Smart scroll is a good feature to browse websites and view long emails. This feature will automatically scroll down the current page as you reach to the bottom of the page. These features will not work in the dark areas because front camera will not be able to catch your eyes.

Dual Camera Mode & S Translate

Dual Camera mode allows you to take photos using both of the cameras at the same time. Click on double camera option while taking a picture and a small window will pop-up on the device. It will be the front camera output that you can resize and move anywhere you want. S Translate is a good feature to translate text or voice using your phone.

S Voice Drive & S Health

Samsung Galaxy S4 provides a simple interface with bigger fonts when you driving. Samsung says you can pick calls, read message and ask for directions without touching the device using S Voice Drive feature. S Health allows you to track your workout sessions and your daily intake. You can also monitor glucose and blood pressure level using the phone.
Above mentioned are the main smart features added in this phone. There are many other features are also added to this device. Its super sensitive touch screen allows you to work with gloves etc.  Let’s wait till 26th April because now it’s official that Samsung will start taking pre-orders for Galaxy S4 in the press event. Then we will be able to track if all the Smart Features work as they are showcased.