Humming Bird: Google’s New Algorithm

Google recently celebrated its 15th birthday and on the same day it announced the name of it’s new search algorithm update known as “Humming bird”. Founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin inside the garage, Google has become the world’s largest search engine company. Though the humming bird was in use for almost a month, but the company has made it publicly today. Google said that the new search algorithm will majorly affect the search percentage as much as 90% and will overtake the other.

Google's 15th Birthday

It is one of the most advanced update that when a user search about a particular thing it will come out with the best result.  Google named it “humming bird” because of it’s properties like accurate and quick response it gives to the users.

By far “Humming Bird” is one of the major change in the history of algorithm which Google has announced. It is one of the major steps taken by the Google after two years, which it claims that it will change the search engine results with more accurate answers.

With the competitive market Google is making every effort to keep pace with the fast growing internet user. Modern search queries becoming more complicated and the long running Boolean and keywords are degenerating. Hummingbird was the company’s  aim to match the queries in which the modern day user search with that of the million documents on the page.

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World Wide Web(WWW) was significantly changed from it’s origin. With billions of users using the web and in the recent decade it has grown manifold with more and more users adding to it each year. There is a different approach using the web as it was in earlier times.  Now the user not only searches the web to get information but also to generate the business from the web.

SEO and the Hummingbird

With the announcement of Google’s new Hummingbird update, many fear that it will significantly affect SEO in a negative way. But Google replies to that with a no, SEO is not yet dead again.  Google said that the main aspect is that the content should be original which is not copied and should be rich in content.

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