HTC one Mini

The HTC One received a lot of appreciation partly because it looked great, partly because of the amazing 4.7 inch full HD display and partly because of the ultrapixel camera. The ultrapixel camera on the device was a great addition and a bold move by HTC.

The One is a great performer and for a long time, there were rumors about a ‘mini’ version being made. Until now we have seen Samsung do such stuff by launching the ‘mini’ versions of the flagship models like S3 or S4.

The trick worked well for manufacturers as the name of flagship device worked well to push the device in market. HTC has finally proved the rumors to be true and announced the HTC One mini a few days back. Now there were rumors that despite being a ‘mini’ device, HTC would retain some of the unique traits of the One and that is exactly what they have done here. We take a quick look at what the baby One has to offer.


The HTC One mini simply follows the design scheme of the HTC One, and we don’t have any complaints. The device looks great due to that sleek metal body and all that attention to details. The device is smaller though as it has got a 4.3 inch display instead of the 4.7 inch. The buttons placement on the One Mini is same as on the One. Though the power button now is just a button and not an IR blaster. You get the large speaker grille on top and also the other speaker like the One to give you great sound while the phone is held in landscape. The device is very well build just like the One and it feels like HTC hasn’t cut corners at all with this device. In fact some might find the One mini to be even better looking because of the size.


We have been talking about the HTC One mini in the past and apparently we got this bit right. The phone has got a 4.3 inch against the 4.7 inch on the standard device. The resolution is also down to 1280 x 720 instead of the 1080p. The 720p resolution on a 4.3 gives you a pixel density of around 341 pixels per inch which is more than enough. In fact you have to be a superhuman to differentiate between the pixels once the pixel density crosses the 290-300 ppi mark. To put that in a perspective, the Galaxy S3 iPhone 5 and the Nexus 4 have got pixel density lower than this device.

htc one mini

The phone uses the same Super LCD display technology as the HTC one which results in amazing clarity, brightness levels and colour replication. The direct rival here, Samsung Galaxy S4 mini has got a 4.3 inch qHD display which is miles behind in display resolution or quality.


This is where the differences between the One and One mini start to really show. The HTC one runs a Qualcomm chipset and a quad core Krait processor at a clock speed of 1.7 GHz. The mini version runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset at a clock speed of 1.4 GHz. The graphics are handled by an Adreno 305 GPU and the hardware is coupled with 1 GB of RAM. Now 1 GB of RAM might sound like plenty, and it possibly is, but the rival Galaxy S4 has got 1.5 GB of RAM with a dual core processor.

We are not suggesting that the hardware is any slouch. In fact a dual core processor with a GB of RAM is enough to run the latest and some upcoming android versions very easily. Also it would cope up well with your occasional gaming. On the connectivity front, you get the usual options but they have removed NFC in the name of price. Also gone is the IR blaster which was present on the One to serve as a remote control for some devices. The battery however is just 1800 mAh and it would not be plenty for most people. Heavy users will complain about the battery and as it can’t be changed by user, you might need external batteries while travelling.

Features/ Interface

The phone runs on jelly bean OS with the HTC Sense skin on top of it. You also get the cool blink feed that you get on the standard One. There is nothing fresh we can tell you about the operating system as it is exactly the same as on One. The hardware copes up well with whatever you throw to it and most of the times; it doesn’t even feel like a mid-range phone. It carries the feel you get while using the HTC One and they really deserve appreciation for that. Even some heavy games ran butter smooth on the device and you always have plenty of resources to launch any app you want.


I can go on and on about this camera for ages. The 4 megapixel ultrapixel camera on this device is simply superb. For those who don’t get the ‘ultrapixel’ bit, it is a low resolution camera working on a larger light sensor. This way each pixel of the image gets more area on the light sensor. This works in the favor of image quality and the details and colours are much better as compared to other mobile cameras. Also there is very little noise in the photos captures in low light.

We really wanted them to carry this camera to the One mini as it was one of the best features of the One. And when every other manufacturer is taking up the megapixel count, it was a bold move for HTC to put a low resolution camera while actually working towards better photography. The camera on a cellphone is meant to click photos for your Facebook and Instagram and for that the 4 megapixel images would still be large enough.


This is a great looking device and we absolutely loved it. It has got the great looks and camera of the HTC one and is way better than the rival S4 mini. We also loved the performance of the device and how well they have done the job of scaling down the One. The bits we didn’t like were the small battery and the price. The device would be priced around 34-35 K which is asking too much. There are devices way better than the One mini for much less.