If an individual wants traffic in a website the best and the cheapest way to achieve this is through search engine traffic. Keywords or keyword phrases are the actual terms that are given by the readers in the search engines such as Google, Bing, and etc.

There are several ways in which one can use the keywords or keyword phrases in the most efficient way. Some of the ways are as follows:-

  1. First try to have a clear concept about the word SEO Keywords. SEO basically stands for “search engine optimization” which directly or indirectly refers to the point on how to equip the website so that it can get better ranks during a search process.
  2. Use worthy SEO keywords for a specified website. SEO keywords can be single words and even phrases containing two or three words all together along with it. All the keywords which are to be used in the article should have a direct link with the content of the website. For example if a website is promoting about some “inexpensive leather handbags” then the keywords should be like “cheap leather handbags” or “inexpensive bags and baggage”.
  3. Write content on the website which can utilize the SEO keywords freely. Make sure that the meaning of the content does not change while using the keywords. The usage of the keyword in an efficient manner counts a lot at the time of optimization. There should be the use of the keyword at least twice in each paragraph.
  4. Keep a close look on the keywords which bring traffic to the website. This makes an easy structure of words on which one should provide special effort.
  5. The use of SEO keywords should not be restricted on the content but it should be there in the website, headings, subheadings, image captions, link tags, meta description, meta titles and where ever one can show case the keywords.
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