Update : This post is very old and WhatsApp had been updated many times since then. Now you can use built in WhatsApp feature called “WhatsApp for web” and visit web.whatsapp.com to use WhatsApp on both mobile and PC using same number. Thank you all for the support.

Earlier we wrote a guide about how to install WhatsApp on PC, with and without Bluestacks. It’s a detailed guide about installing WhatsApp with the help of Bluestacks and without Bluestacks. Bluestacks is a Windows Operating System based Software which helps us to run Android applications and games with ease on our desktop PC or a Laptop. WhatsApp is a free android messaging application that enables us to send unlimited text, audio and picture messages for free.

Even though we explained every bit about installing WhatsApp on PC, we forgot to give you the solution to the main problem.  That is how to use same mobile number for WhatsApp on PC and Mobile. So now we are explain the steps needed to use same number for whatsapp in PC and Mobile.

Step 1 : First step is to install Bluestacks on PC and then install WhatsApp using it. If you are not sure then use our previous guide to install WhatsApp on PC

Step 2 : Now install Bluestacks Cloud Connect application on your smartphone or mobile from play store.

Step 3 : After installing open the app on your mobile and it will ask for a pin.

Step 4 : Now open Bluestacks installed on your PC or Laptop. Go to settings of Bluestacks and click the cloud connect option. Then you will get your registration key(you have to enter your mobile number and Email id for that).

Step 5 : Now go to your mobile and enter the pin and click on sync in your mobile Bluestacks App.

That’s all needed to do. Now you can use WhatsApp on PC/Laptop and Mobile with the same mobile number. Though this trick or method works every time, there are some complaints online that this method is giving an error sometimes. So i can’t give 100% guarantee that this trick will work. If you knew a better trick than this, please share with us and also let me know whether this trick worked for you or not.