How to use Debit Card as Credit Card


You may have used your Debit Card to shop online. But there are some sites on internet that will only accept Credit Card purchases. If you have one it’s ok , but there are many security problems involved using Credit Cards. So is there a solution for this. Yes there is, read this article and you will know the trick. In this article i’m going to explain you how to use your Debit Card as Credit Card.


Go to and Sign up(This service is fully free and you don’t need your debit or credit card to sign up).


Verify your Email and Sign in to the Site. Please make sure that you’ve signed up to the correct site. To check this see the green bar and https protocol on the URL bar of your browser.


After signing in you can see an option “Add a  Card ” . Create one by giving them the required details like card numer,cvv number etc.


That’s all you have to do. Now your Virtual Credit Card is created and this is how it looks like(see the image below).


From now onwards you can use this card for online shopping and other online related purchases. You can use this to add money into Google Wallet service.

Only add the required money you want spend at that time into this card. So that your money will be safe always.


Please don’t use this card for Paypal veification. There is a chance of blocking your paypal account.

For more info on their service chrges and other fee structures please click here

This info is provided for educational purpose only. To use this service or not depends on your own will. We won’t bear any responsibility if anything goes wrong.

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