Turn any YouTube Video into GIF

As you can see the above picture, it’s a .GIF format picture or image, created from an YouTube Video in less than a minute. Before sharing with you , how I’ve done this within a minute, let me tell you what made me share this article with you guys. I usually watch a lot of funny videos online, mostly YouTube. And of course, I really like minions and their funny voice more than anything. Today when i was watching one of those funny minion videos on YouTube, i found a part of the video more funnier and watched it again and again. Then i thought of making a GIF out of that part. That’s how i got the idea of sharing this trick Turn YouTube Video into GIF.

Though there are a lot of GIF creation software, i don’t want to download and install any of those on my device. So i searched deep into the web and found one simple trick that helps us to turn YouTube videos into GIF. The simple trick is to place the word gif before any YouTube URL. See the instructions below.Change YouTube URL into GIF

Then you will be redirected to the site gifyoutube.com and it would show you a screen similar to that of shown below :

Make YouTube Videos into GIF

This is the best method to convert any YouTube Video into a GIF. We will update an easy way soon, to convert any online video(not just YouTube) into a GIF.