By just reading the title itself, you may wonder why am i posting this now, 2014 is almost over. But the main topic here is stay anonymous online or hide yourself online. Year doesn’t matter here. Anyway Hiding yourself or Protecting your valuable data completely online has never been successful to full extent. There are always hackers, crackers and organizations like NSA who tries to access your data online. But we the people who loves and urges for freedom don’t like the idea of being spoofed.

So in the today’s infographic by WhoIsHostingThis, there are 3 best ways described in detail, so that you can stay anonymous online. The 3 ways presented in the infographic are :

  • Using Proxy Servers
  • Using a VPN
  • Using TOR

The pros and cons of using these 3 methods to stay anonymous online are also discussed.  Before checking out the infographic, i recommend you read our previous posts on Internet Security Tips, Methods and Invisible Internet through the links below :

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Stay Anonymous Online 2014