Remove Write Protection on your USB

Long time ago we showed you how to enable or disable write protection on your USB flash drive using the Elevated Command prompt method. But there are also a couple of other simple ways to disable write protection on your USB flash drive and your Memory/SD cards.

The first simple method is to download and install a 3rd part software and remove the write protection using that tool/software. The second method requires us to tweak some settings in the Windows registry.

But you may think why do we need this extra methods, when we already know about our command prompt method [mentioned above] ? Because, not everyone can remember the commands, so its better to have a backup plan in case something unexpected happens. But if you are good with the commands then no one will force you here. So in this post we are gonna show you how to remove write protection from your USB Pen Drive and make it work as before.

Before that you may also be interested in our previous article that explains how to Remove Pen Drive Shortcut Problem and also lets see the possible reasons behind this write protection error.

  • Write Protection on your USB Drive means setting the device’s permissions to read-only.
  • Write protection can be a result of Malware or Virus that’s affected to your PC/Desktop
  • Write protection can also be enabled manually to protect the files from unauthorized access.

That info might make you understand a little about it. But the simple the better so lets jump into the first simple method that uses 3rd party software.

Remove Write Protection on USB Drives using 3rd Party Software

Before we continue, let me make this clear that using this method you will lose all your files on the drive, because this tool formats the drive and resets it all over as a new one. If you don’t want this to happen then i suggest you to check the second method discussed below or go with command prompt method [link shared above].

This is by far the best tool I’ve ever encountered, because no matter what type of problem your device has, you can format it and reset it to previous state using this tool. All you need to do is download and install it first. Next insert your USB drive and run the software and you can see the result yourself. But you will lose all your files as a result of this method. This 3rd party software is a product of HP [Hewlett-Packard], so you don’t have to worry about anything suspicious. You can download this here but i recommend you to check our next method which involves Windows registry tweaking.

Remove Write Protection on USB Drive by Modifying Registry Settings

Before changing or modifying registry settings i suggest you to back up registry settings. You can do that using CCleaner software [You can find it easily just by searching Google]. Why are we doing this again ? because tweaking registry settings can cause system failure. So i will only recommend this method if there is no other alternative is left. Screenshots are provided for each step, to assist you.

Step 1 : First step is to open “run” dialog box by pressing “Win+R” and type regedit and click OK.

Remove Write Protection Registry Editor

Step 2 : Now it will open a new window which is called as “Registry Editor”. Search for the following registry key through the edit menu HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies

Remove Write Protection using Registry Settings

Step 3 : After finding it, click on write protect key and change the value from 1 to 0. Here 1 means ON and 0 means OFF. So by changing it to 0 we have successfully removed or disabled the write protection on your USB Flash Drive.

Remove Write Protection using Registry Settings


That’s all you need to do and the write protection is disabled on your device now.

Conclusion :

Well, If you’ve done everything right then the write protection might have disabled on your device. However i will always recommend you to try these only if the command prompt method didn’t work. If you still have any doubts or wanna ask me some random, then you could do that using the comments section below. By the way don’t forget to share and previous articles with your best buddies. These tricks might come in handy once in a while. Thank you 🙂