vlc media player tricks

VLC media player is considered as the best media player, when it comes to free software. There are many reasons for it’s huge popularity among the users. Let’s point out a few of them now. VLC media player can play any type of video formats and  can convert videos from one format to another with real ease., a lot of customization abilities etc. Apart from those mentioned, another useful feature of VLC media player to play any online video within the player itself.

I can easily watch a video on YouTube with my browser. What’s the use of this then :

I knew you guys would think of something like this. Yes, i know that we can easily play videos from different sites in our browser. But we will face a lot of distraction in the forms of advertisements, suggestions and unnecessary comments etc..;

Let’s think that your kid or younger brother wants to watch a specific video about a cartoon character. Do you want your boy to watch those unnecessary suggestions which involves things that you don’t want him to watch. Definitely not. That’s why i thought of sharing this trick.  Anyway, below are the steps you need to follow, to play any online video in VLC media player

Step 1: Open the VLC media player

Step 2: In the File menu, chose the option,  Network Stream and click on it. Another way is to use keyboard shortcut CTRL+N. Now a window appears.

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Step 3: In the appeared window, copy the URL of the video and paste it in the blank text field. See the screenshot below.

Play Online Videos Using VLC

Step 4: Now just click Play at the bottom of the window. That’s all needed.

That’s it, these are the steps needed to play any online video in a VLC media player. Thank you 🙂