How to make money with photos and videos

You may not believe it but there are more than 200 ways to earn money online and making money through photos and videos is one of those 200 ways. Everyone can make money online especially through photos and videos. There are various sources to share your videos and photos and earn money in the process. For videos there are sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc..; and for photos there are sites like IStock Photo and Shutterstock etc..;

After sharing your content, then monetizing those content will be based on the popularity obtained. However, you can monetize every video and photo you own, on the internet. If you’re lucky enough, your video can be a viral sensation and you can be rich in no time. Won’t believe me ? then check out the success stories shared in the infographic below.

Make Money with Photos and Videos

Make Money with Photos and VideosVia: Wondershare