How To Install WordPress Plugins

Plugins are really useful to make your WordPress site secure, safe, fast, awesome and productive. Installing plugins within WordPress is a very simple task. We can install WordPress plugins in two simple ways.

  1. Search and Install the Plugin directly.
  2. Download, Upload and Install the plugin.
  3. FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

Now let me explain these two methods in detail so that you won’t face any difficulties during the plugin installation.

1) First method to install WordPress Plugins is really simple and a straight forward one.

You can see the screenshots included to each step so that you may find the instructions easier to understand.

  • After logging on to your admin dashboard, click the plugins option on the left side of your screen.

WordPress Plugins Option



  • Then click the “Add New ” option on the top left of your screen.

WordPress Plugins Add new

  • Next step is to search for the plugin in the search bar and click on install now button next to the plugin’s name.

WordPress Plugin Search


2) Second method to install WordPress Plugins is also a simple one, but involves a little bit of work.

  • First of all download the plugin from the WordPress plugins repository. Visit WordPress Plugins repository and search for the plugin you want to install and download it.
  • The downloaded plugin will be in .zip format.  You should upload this .zip folder using the upload button in the Plugins option on your WordPress Admin Dashboard. See the screenshots below.

WordPress upload plugin


WordPress Plugin upload iinstall

  • After that you will get a confirmation like “plugin is successfully installed.”  Now you need to click on the activate now option on the same screen. See the screenshot below.

WordPress Plugin Install


3) Using FTP or cpanel Method

Regarding the FTP method, already told you that I won’t recommend it. I have used it only once and that experience sucks,because a lot of my time got wasted and I ended up doing some stuff which made my site go offline for an hour and that really s**ks.  So stay away from it. The two methods explained above are pretty much enough because most hosting services will provide us with a cpanel , which we can use to monitor and maintain our site under emergency situations. Another way is to login to your cpanel. Unzip the .zip plugin you downloaded and upload it to the wp-content/plugins folder.

These are the methods and steps to install WordPress plugins. After following the steps, the plugin will be installed and activated. That’s all we needed to do. If you’re a newbie or beginner to WordPress, then please check our Beginners guide to WordPress. Thank you 🙂