Increase Engagement on Google Plus

I will be candid with you. If you’re not into Google+ yet or don’t know what it is, then whoever you might be you’re missing one such good thing that you really don’t want to. Keeping the negative reviews aside,Google+ is not so bad. It’s actually better than Facebook in some terms(actually a lot). The only thing in which Google+ sucks is because of it’s layout and design. Apart from that everything is fine. I may sound like persuading you to switch for Google+ and dig Facebook, but that’s not my point here. What i want you to know is that, Google+ is so much fun..!


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Well, let’s keep all the talk about Why Google+ aside for now and discuss about improving engagement on Google+. Because this is one of the main reasons why every Blogger, Webmaster, a normal person loves about Google+. The engagement of the posts or statuses shared on Google+ will be high normally. But only in some rare conditions, engagement shall be quite low. So it’s better if you follow the trivia and the tips given in the infographic below.

Increase Engagement on Google Plus

Increase Engagement on Google Plus