Command Prompt Trick hide any drive


Simple Command Prompt tricks and hacks may come in handy at any time. In this article you will learn to  “Hide any drive in Windows Operating System using Command Prompt or Powershell.” This command works in all windows operating systems.

Just follow the steps and Screenshots below

Step 1:

command Prompt Tricks

Press “Windows + R” and type “cmd”,  next type “DISKPART”. A new Command window may appear(will not appear in some windows versions).

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Step 2:

command Prompt Tricks

Type “LIST VOLUME”(space must be given between list and volume) and press enter.

Step 3:

command Prompt Tricks

Now remember the volume letter or number you want to hide and type “SELECT VOLUME  number or letter”(See the screenshot).

Step 4:

command Prompt Tricks

Next type “REMOVE LETTER G”(Type the drive letter you want to hide, here i wrote G just for an example.)

Now go to MY Computer (type “windows + E”)  and check whether the drive is hidden or not.  It should be hidden if you’ve done everything as above.

Step 5:

command Prompt Tricks

To unhide the drive again, just type “ASSIGN LETTER letter of Drive” (See the Screenshot).

That’s it now the drive or partition you have hidden before will appear now.

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