write protection on usb drive

USB Flash drives are handy gadgets that can save our **** many times. However one real problem for an USB is less security. Anyone can access the contents and modify them if they have it. But with a simple command line trick in Windows, we can easily add write protection on USB disk and then disable it whenever we want to.  Below are the steps required to do in a command line in windows to either enable or disable write protection on USB Flash Drive.

Before going into details you may also want to know about these alternative Methods to remove write protection on your USB Pen Drive.

All the commands required to complete the task are shown in the image below. You can either try them using this image or you can also follow the step by step procedure given below this image. Its your choice.


Step 1:  First insert the USB Flash Drive and open the Command Prompt in Admin mode. Don’t know how to do that, then you need to visit this here. Open an Elevated Command Prompt or  Open cmd as Admin

Step 2:  Now type   DISKPART and press enter.

Step 3: Type LIST DISK and see the name of your USB Drive. Now Type SELECT DISK 1 (name of the drive.)

Step 4: Now type ATTRIBUTES DISK to see the current state and permissions of the drive.

Step 5:  Now to enable write protection on USB Flash Drive, just type  ATTRIBUTES DISK SET READONLY and press enter. Now try adding some files to the USB drive and you can see that a message pops out saying that the disk is write protected and read-only.

Step 6:  If you want to remove or disable the write protection on USB Flash Drive, just type  ATTRIBUTES DISK CLEAR READONLY and press enter. Now again try adding some files and you can see everything is normal as before.

There are also alternate methods like modifying registry contents and 3rd party software etc..; to do this. But using the registry tweak method, there is a certain chance of  doing unknown errors and coming to the software, i actually don’t like to use a tool for every need.This trick come in real handy for us. For example to keep our friend (if you aren’t married) away from modifying the contents in it etc..;

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