vlc media player tricks

Hello my dear readers of Facts`n`Fakes. Hope you’re all fine. FactsnFakes is doing really good these days. A lot of things have been improved from the last year. It’s all because of you guys. O.K now let’s talk about today’s topic. It’s been quite a while we have posted a How to guide/trick on FactsnFakes. So today we’re gonna know about a cool and simple trick to download YouTube videos using VLC Media player. Not just YouTube videos, we can download any video on the internet using VLC media player. This method/trick is so simple and can come in handy sometimes.

Before that i recommend you to check our previous guide about how to download videos online.  In that short guide we have included about different ways to download videos online, including YouTube videos. Even though there are few websites, software, applications that helps us to download YouTube videos online, i suggest you to learn to download videos via VLC media player, because it’s simple, safe, secure and moreover it’s geeky.  

Download YouTube videos using VLC Media player

You can either watch the video or follow the steps given below.

Step 1 : Find a video on YouTube and copy it’s url from the browsers address bar.

Step 2: Now in VLC media player, head to Media => Network Stream.

Step 3: Paste the url of the YouTube video in the window appeared and click on ‘Play’.

Play Online Videos Using VLC

Using these 3 steps we can play almost any video on internet. This trick is shared previously by us before => Play any video online via VLC .

If you want to download videos via VLC, you should complete these 3 steps first. Let’s see how to download the video now.

Step 4: Pause the video now and head towards Tools => Codec Information. Now copy the text in the Location field of the codec information window.

Download YouTube Videos VLC

Step 5 : This is the last step. Open your browser (Chrome or Firefox is recommended) and  paste the text you copied from the codec information window in the browser’s address bar and press enter.

If you’ve done everything as it is, then you can see the video playing. Now right click on the video and choose the option Save Video as and the video will be downloaded to your hard disk drive. That’s all needed to do.

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