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Got bored with the internet or finding it difficult to manage every social network. Want to get far away from internet or just want to start fresh. Then you can always delete your current profiles on various social networks  like Facebook, Google plus,  Twitter, LinkedIn and almost every other known site on Internet. Then there are two ways of doing it.

1)The Old Hard Way.

2)The New Easy Way.

Let us start with the “New Easy Way” because other old way is very time consuming and painful in many ways.4

The New Easy Way:

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of deleting your every profie on internet one by one, just follow this method. Go to  and select the service you want to get deleted yourself.

If you want to delete your profile from Facebook click on facebook option and complete the next easy steps. You can delete your facebook profile in a  minute.(Actually facebook deletes your profile permanently in 14 days.)

Same procedure is followed in case of other sites like twitter,Google plus.

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But you can only delete yourself from sites termed upto hard level.  Sites like Facebook, Twitter  are termed as Easy, Whereas sites like Klout, Codeschool,sourceforge are termed as Medium, and Sites like Newyork times,Spotify, Stack Overflow are termed as Hard.

You can however delete your profiles from these terms. But the sites like WordPress, Wikipedia, Pinterest, Netflix, Godaddy are termed as Impossible  to delete.

Instead of explaining more about this, i think it’s better you visit and learn about the site once.(Before going please read about the Old Hard way).


The Old Hard Way:

You can pick the service you want. Log in to it. Search your settings for delete option and then you delete yourself from the service. Repeat the procedure for every site and you will end up wasting your time. So i recommend you to follow the first way.

However for some reason if you still want to follow this “Old Hard Way”,  i recommend you to visit this two links from WikiHow and Lifehacker.

So better follow this methods if you are really sure about what you’re doing. And if you want to test , you can always create some fake accounts and delete them anytime.

Do you like this trick or do you have any better suggestion?. Then please let us know we will update asap. You can always use the comments section to express you views.

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