Change windows 7 logon screen background

Microsoft Windows operating system contains a lot of hidden customization tweaks. We can do a lot of visual customizations using those simple tweaks. Recently one of my friend asked me is there a way to change windows 7 logon screen background. I told him “there are actually two ways, one is using 3rd party softwares and other is manual configuration.”  He asked me about the software but i recommended him to do it in manually. So here i come with a new trick again on windows to change the logon screen background in windows 7 (also works for XP).

This is a slideshare presentation created by me to save your time on the process. You can also use the step by step guide below the presentation.

Read the steps carefully below. The Slideshare presentation above and the steps below are all same.

Change Windows 7 Logon Screen Background :

Step 1 : Open the Windows Start Menu and type  regedit  in the search bar.

windows 7 regedit



Step 2 : In the new regedit window,  right click on the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE on the left side and select find.


Step 3 :  Search for OEMBackground and OEMBackground option appears on the right side column of the window

OEMBackground search regedit

Step 4 :  Double click on the OEMBackground and change the value from 0 to 1.



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Step 5 : Now go to this path C:\Windows\System32\oobe  and create a new folder called Info .

Step 6 :  Create a new folder within Info named as backgrounds .

Step 7 : Now place your desired wallpaper renamed as backgroundDefault.jpg inside the backgrounds folder .

That’s the trick and now just boot your PC and you can see your wallpaper in action.