Windows 8.1 Tricks

Many of us may have switched to the  new Windows 8.1 Preview and experienced the new features of itBut  there is  one  real problem  which bugs  you  most in Windows  8 is  ”How to Boot Straight to Desktop.”

We  have  used  different  third  party  apps  and  softwares  to  boot straight  to  desktop  in Windows  8.  But  this  had    become  much easier   in  the  Windows 8.1  Preview.  Just Follow the instructions below.

First step is to right click on the taskbar and select it’s Properties.

Now  click on  the Navigation  tab above  and  tick the  option “Go  to the desktop instead  of start screen when I sign in”

Windows 8.1 Tricks

For  the  last step all  you have to  do is Apply  the settings you  have changed. That’s  it from now  on you  will  boot directly  to  the  desktop instead  of  start screen that  you don’t  want to see.

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