Every one likes a friendly, nice guy who always helps you when you want some help. Those are the type of guys people usually tend to be more comfortable around. Those are the type of people with whom you usually share all your secrets. They know everything about everyone but still they want to listen to the other half of the story just because they don’t want to be judgmental. A friendly person is always respected wherever he goes and whatever he does. Everybody wants to hear out his ideas.

So how can you become a friendlier person in order to gain respect and become a more trustable person?

It’s pretty simple and we are going to let you in into the secrets of being friendly in this blog in 10 simple steps, so better stick on to us till the end of this blog to make sure you don’t miss on the important ones.

So, here it goes-

Be a good listener.

Moa Tse, good listener, teacher, pupil

Trust me, it’s not as easy as it sounds. It’s an art and it comes only by practice. Start dedicating your concentration to the teller and listen to each and every point he makes out. It helps you to analyze his situation and makes them think that you actually care about them.

Give honest replies.

Honest replies and feedbacks.

People simply love it when you are being frank and at the same time giving them useful advises in a polite way. Make sure that you are polite enough when you make a negative remark and see how much of a help it’ll be to you through out your lives.

Try losing all your prejudices.


Try to be absolutely non-judgmental about other people no matter how they appear and how they behave. It’s simply ‘none of your business’ to comment on their way of life. Prejudice is the child of ignorance.

Make jokes.

being funny

When was the last time you and your group of friends laughed your ass off?

Laughter creates memories. A person who makes people laugh is often held high in his group of friends.

Never criticize or condemn.

crticism stop

If you don’t agree with an individual’s opinion, don’t comment about him or condemn him personally or in a crowd. Refrain from commenting and you will save yourself a lot of respect and time.

Praise generously.

great job

If you sincerely like someone’s work or opinion, point it out to them personally  or when in a group. People want to hear good about themselves and when someone points out the good qualities in them, that someone will occupy a very important part in their mind.

Take blame.

it's my fault!

Doing this requires some real skill. Doing this creates a soft-spot in people’s hearts. They will start treating you with more respect.

Do those small favours.

small favours

It may be helping a friend in writing a record or making a cup of tea to your loved ones. Do it without them asking for it. When you do this, people will start noticing your good character and help you back in your bad times.

Ask for small favours.

asking favours

They cannot say no for small favours. It’s too small to say no for small favours. By asking them to do small favours to you, you get to the know the person better and you will get closer to them. You can also identify a persons true nature by doing this. Remember, SMALL favours.



This is probably the simplest and the easiest thing out of all the points. It gets you huge rewards. People simply want to be around jovial people.

If you make it a habit to these things regularly you can be rest assured to become a friendly individual.

Hope you have followed us till her. Make sure to keep visiting us frequently to get more information on all kinds of stuff.