IT Cloning

IT cloning is referred as duplicating any website or application i.e. running successfully in an IT industry. The term IT cloning is running from mid-90’s, in 2 decades it is very popular and this pragmatic approach based on inspiration and innovation of others is now proved to be successful business model.

The important question is that how IT cloning can make you billionaire?

Convincing with words is not a big thing but a real life success story has its own magic. In late 90’s, three brothers Marc Samwer, Oliver Samwer and Alexander Samwer also known as Samwer brothers or Clone KIng from Germany started cloning big business models and started with eBay Clone. In 1999, they developed (Ebay clone) which was an online auction house similar to eBay. Within 100 days, Ebay Inc. purchased Alando in $50 million. Then in early 2004, they build a Mobile Content Firm Jamba and cloned a US marketing business model by introducing Crazy Frog(Animated character), which is bought by VeriSign at $270 million.

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Later, Samwer brothers invested in different clones like studi.vz (Facebook clone), MyVideo(Youtube clone), Frazr (Twitter clone), CityDeal (Groupon clone), Wimdu (airbnb clone), Pinterest clone and other high profile businesses. Meanwhile, in 2007 they founded a venture capital company “Rocket Internet”, also known as “Clone Factory” which has a net worth of more the a billion dolar.

In 2011, Anti-CopyCat Evolution was launched by 6WunderKinder to stop IT cloning but IT cloning is unstoppable and ready to make you billionaire. Lastly, in 2014 they are working on Airbnb Clone (Wimdu) which is currently following same marketing strategy as Airbnb.

If you have any mind blowing idea then it’s not too late to start. You can get more details from below infographic which is designed and developed by Nine Hertz. If you like it then share your comment or suggestion with love.

IT cloning