How Internet make world richer

On FactsnFakes we have published a few articles related to earning money through internet. Of all of them,  200 ways to Make Money Online  and 10 scam free ways to earn money online are famous among our readers.  Internet provides a lot of useful and useless information and resources that helps us in our day to day life. But did you know that apart from all the info and entertainment provided by the internet, it actually is making the world richer ? If you don’t know about that or if you aren’t sure then it’s time to check out the infographic we have shared. 

This infographic shares key points like :

  • Global Internet users
  • The state of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product)
  • How eCommerce hacks the GDP
  • The future of eCommerce

and a lot more than you can imagine.

So i recommend you just check this infographic at least once so that you can enlighten some of your friends and buddies about this. This infographic is created by WhoIsHostingThis. Check out the infographic in the next page.