How do you internet? I mean how do you start your normal internet session. Well most of us starts it with a simple google search. But there are some cool facts, you might want to know. Did you know that Internet explorer is still used by more than 50% of the Internet users and 66% believe that search engines are unbiased. Almost 80% of people disregard paid ads and prefers organic results.

Now to the last bit of info, almost 39% of online customers comes to an online store from a search engine. Now that’s one of the reasons why web-masters always worry about their organic (visits to their site from search engines) results. Hey you need to check this infographic How Google Search Works, if you still don’t have an idea how it works.

The infographic below contains more interesting facts like the ones mention above. It also contains 5 of the most popular searches of this year (2014). Read them all and let me know your views about this infographic and the facts stated it, in the comment section below. Hey don’t forget to share this, if you like it. Thank you 🙂

How Do You Internet ?

How do you start your internet session

via: WebDesignDegreeCenter