Hive Free Unlimited Cloud Storage

There are a bunch of services online that offers limited cloud storage for free and unlimited cloud storage for a price. Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive are a few famous cloud services among them. Of these mentioned Google Drive is my favorite. But what’s best with the priced packages apart from unlimited cloud storage is ultimate security and absolute privacy.  If you don’t care much about stuff like privacy, then all your dreams about getting unlimited cloud storage for free will be a reality. Because HIVE is here.  HIVE is a new web application that offers unlimited cloud storage for free. This is for real. 

Hive was launched in October 13th this year 2014.  Even though HIVE offers unlimited cloud storage for free, there are a couple of things that bothers us . about HIVE. One is that, Hive’s free account is ad supported and reserves the right to monitor or screen your files. So forget about your privacy and better don’t store your private and important files here. Another concern is that Hive doesn’t offer syncing. This is really a bad thing about HIVE. but who cares as long as it offers Unlimited Cloud Storage For Free.

How to start with HIVE ?

HIVE Account Register

Joining HIVE is simple and similar to any other Cloud Storage Service registration process. You can sign up using your Facebook or Google account or your regular email id. Below is a screenshot of how HIVE user account will look like after signing in.


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After uploading your files like Music, Photos, etc..; your HIVE interface will look something like the screenshot below.

Hive Activity


Is there a premium HIVE version ?

HIVE Premium Features

Yes, there is a Premium HIVE version for $9 monthly and you can get that premium version for free too. Yeah that’s so true. Just get more than 100 of your friends to sign up with HIVE and you can get all the premium HIVE benefits for free. Premium HIVE features are No Advertisements, Uncapped Download and Streaming Speeds etc..;

So What’s my opinion about HIVE : Conclusion

Well, HIVE’S good because of it’s unlimited cloud storage. Actually that’s really good and beneficial for guys like me, who shares a lot of stuff online with my friends. There are a few things to improve like the confusing interface and few features to introduce like Syncing. But HIVE should concentrate on user’s privacy, if it wants to be on the top of the cloud chain. However i recommend you to join HIVE now