Back in march 2014, we have shared with you an infographic called as An Early History of Satellites: 1950-1978. It was an awesome, cool, worthy infographic that everyone should check it out at least once. But that infographic gives us info about satellites only from 1950 to 1978 timeline. That is why today we are sharing with another informative infographic about satellites called as Recent History of Satellites. This infographic provides all the info we need about satellites from the time period of 1980 to 2000.

Let me point out a fact that’s given in the infographic below : PAS 1 was the first, privately owned, international telecommunication satellite. There are more facts and info like this in the History of Satellites infographic below. Hope you will like it.

History of Satellites: 1980 to 2000

History Of Satellitesvia: Broadbandwherever