The inception of data storage started from Punch Cards.Believe it or not, these Punch Cards are known to exist in 1700’s. Since then technology developed step by step, and by the time Facebook became popular (i think that’s 2006) “Cloud” technology came into existence. From Punch Cards to Solid State Drives (SSD’s) to the recent technological advancement “Holographic Versatile Disks,” technology improved so fast.

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The Evolution Of Data Storage

Difference between SSD and HDD 

Believe it or not, a Holographic Versatile Disk looks like a normal DVD/CD disk, but it holds a whopping 3.9 TB of data in that small disk. I wonder what will be next after Holographic disks. Anyway below is an awesome infographic that gives us a view about the evolution of history of data storage.

History of data Storage

History Of Media Storage

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