History and Power of Hashtags in Social Media Marketing

I don’t know about your perspective on Hashtags, but i really despise them. Every update on Facebook, post on Google Plus, tweet on Twitter, Pin on Pinterest is filled with Hashtags irrespective of their need. I’m sure that you might have had same experience as mine, atleast once. But do you know how and where all this Hashtags madness started ? Most of us were not aware of this, but we should be, because everything on the Social Media on the Future will be categorized using Hashtags. Let’s keep the assumptions and Fortune telling apart and let’s know about the actual History of Hashtags – How it all started, where and why etc..; ?

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Check the Infographic below which gives a complete overview about the History and Power of Social media Marketing. You can also read the detailed overview about Hashtags History and Power below the infographic.

History and Power of Hashtags in Social Media MarketingInfographic via : Digital Marketing Philippines

The History of Hashtags

It all started back in the good old days of IRC (Internet Relay Chat), where Hashtags were already used to categorize items like images, messages and other content into groups. This helped the users to easily search for the relevant and associated content.

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But that’s all the start and for a long time there are no memorable events that involved Hashtags, until the time Twitter arrived with the concept of Hashtags which later revolutionized the entire Social Media. Actually the use of Hashtags grew in popularity when it was first introduced on Twitter by Chris Messina [An American Actor].

Now Hashtags are used by every famous and renowned Social Media Network on the Internet which includes big names like Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest.!

The Power of Hashtags

Although i’m no fan of Hashtags, i can’t reject the power of them in Social Media Marketing. Hashtags are used by almost every famous brand in the world, to increase their brand awareness, to build loyal customer base and also to build loyal relationships with them. If you want me to honest, Hashtags are the perfect option to differentiate content and ease the search process, but i do hate them and i have already explained why.

Hashtags are proved to be new and exciting, which help in increasing and giving the desired results, in the social media campaigns. Believe it or not, this new and exciting strategy increased the brand value of many companies overnight. To be specific, Hashtags can improve and boost the revenues and productivity of a certain company, if applied well in their Social Media campaigns. However one should know what they are doing, otherwise the result may be in reverse, which could be disastrous. You will lose your credibility. The internet is filled with jerks. You wouldn’t want to want be one of them. Trust me, one last thing I find necessary to something worthwhile about Hashtags is that, they are really helpful in promoting good causes faster than light(Just kidding,don’t take my words too seriously in this context).

Conclusion :

That’s all about the History and Power of Hashtags in Social Media Marketing. One last advice for you is that, use Hashtags for a cause and it will bring you desired results. But don’t do it just for fun, which might be really annoying for other users. So that’s my cue or now and don’t forget to tell us your opinion about this post in the comments below.

Thank you:)