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A few days back i got an email to review a website named Guialis. It is a web directory for businesses in India.  For some time i can’t decide whether to accept their offer or not. But after visiting their website i have changed my view and decided to review or promote their website on my Blog.

Most of us knew  that there are 28 states in India and we can see that there are almost every category of business listed in Guialis. From restaurants to hotels and pharmaceuticals to homes , we can see that there are a lot businesses listed from every city in each state.

guialsi businesses web


As you can see in the above image, this is presented to us when we visit their website for the first time. And as i have mentioned before we can get list of businesses from a lot of categories from every state in India.

In their homepage, they have also listed main states and cities to make it easier for the visitors to navigate throughout the website. Apart from just the states and cities, they have also cited best and popular categories available.

The thing i like most in this website is that, it is very easy to find businesses. It is just a matter of seconds. For example, lets think that you have visited their website and want to search for the availability of hotels in Hyderabad or Mumbai. Then you just have to type the business and city or state and you will get a lot of options available to you. This feature will be most helpful for foreign travelers who visit India often, because they also present you a navigational map apart from the listed address.

Though this website or web directory offers all these features, they weren’t charging a penny for businesses to get listed in their site. And also its very simple to add a business to the website if you have one. But to add or list a business you just have to sign up or register with your email id. Its very simple that a 1st standard kid could do it (well may be).

If already own a business then i recommend you to list it on Guialis, so that you can also know about your competition nearby.

Note : This is a sponsored post. But the website really offers good service and features. Must try it if you’re a businessman and a traveler and also a guy like me. 🙂

This is my opinion and now its time to know about yours.

Thank you 🙂