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Google Search Engine Alternatives

google search alternatives 2013 privacy


Google is the most dominant search engine at present on the internet now. More than 85% of the internet relies on Google search engine(exclude China). But most of us don’t know that Google uses our information and statistics to deliver us the right kind of services and advertisements. You may have or have’nt noticed this in the past, but we can tell this from a simple example.

Just imagine that you’ve visited a new shopping site(like amazon, ebay, etc) a few minutes before. After browsing the web for some time you may notice the ads regarding the product you have visited before. This is how Google maintains and runs its adsense program. It is actually stealing the data from us through it’s every product such as Gmail, Google plus, Maps etc.

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So in this post i’m going to introduce you three (new or old) best Google Search Enigne alternatives that can encrypt all your browsing activities on the internet(they say that). I mean they provide you absolute privacy. Hey I’m not saying about Bing or Yahoo. 🙂

1) Duck Duck GO



It’s the best alternative to look for if you want absolute privacy on your internet browsing activities. This is completely simple and unique. Once addicted to it, i bet that you will not go for Google again. DuckDuckGo powers more than 5 million searches everday on the internet.

Some of the features of DuckDuckGo are :

  • Zero Tracking
  • Removes sites with just ads
  • Less spam
  • Completely open source

And more privacy when compared to any other search engines on the planet.

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2) Ixquick


Also offers encrypted search results just as DuckDuckGo. Uses most advanced metasearch technology. It’s also easy to find Phone numbers and Addresses worldwide with International Phone Directory. If you are bored with DuckDuckGO and want to try something new then i recommend to try this Search Engine.


3) Start Page



Start Page looks completely similar to Ixquick because it is a product of Ixquick. Then you may ask me what’s the difference between both of them. The only difference between them is that, Start Page offers you search results from Google and Ixquick offers search results based on metasearch technology as stated before.

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All the other features are same as that of Ixquick. But i recommend Start Page to choose between Ixquick and Start Page, because most of the netizens are used to google search engine’s experience and it’s better to provide it in the same fashion with an added privacy, which is provided by StartPage.





We need to agree to the fact that we can’t be completely anonymous on the internet unless we are from the anonymous hacker group. Recent incident about NSA spying etc, also revealed that internet is no more a secure place. Even the Tor Network is found to be trackable. So it’s better if we start to secure ourselves on the internet from now on.

Anyway i would always go for DuckDuckGO in terms of additional privacy. But of you know any other better than that then please let us know.

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