Last year Google launched Android Nexus 4 – considered by many as one of the best and purest phones – and it hasn’t stopped since then to fascinate with its devices. However, even though the phone was very successful and had many features, it also experienced several issues. So now Google is offering a newer and improved version of the phone – Google Nexus 5.

So what is the difference between Nexus 5 and Google’s older versions?

                               Well, the software and hardware.

So what are the differences in hardware?

First off, the screen size. It’s different. This time Google offers a much more elegant design. Also, the camera has a different sensor. In addition, Nexus 5 has angled edges and ceramic buttons. Matias Duarte, vice president of Android design, explains they decided to make the phone from glass and plastic. They didn’t do it because it’s cheap; in fact, it is a hardcore plastic.

According to Google, the battery life and camera have their issues but the rest is just great.

A good thing about the phone and a surprise to users is its price – only $349! That’s quite inexpensive.

The design

Some things remain unchanged when it comes to the phone’s design and features. For instance, volume is on the left, power is located on the upper right. As we already mentioned, the buttons are ceramic. The earpiece speaker is located in the center on top of the device. Some claim that the new phone is not as beautiful as the previous version and that it rather looks more utilitarian. However, its real beauty is not to be found in its design but in its capabilities. So you have to give it a chance in order to see the difference.

The camera

The camera in this version of Google Nexus is, well, a bit disappointing. We are talking about 8 megapixels, however, the performance of the camera outside, in the real world, is not very impressive. This won’t make other phone’s users feel like they have to ditch their old devices and buy this one. But that’s how things are.

Another interesting feature of the Nexus is HDR+. It’s a HDR feature that allows to take a couple of pictures and composite them together. It turns out that this feature is very successful, at least the results seem to be better than they did on older versions of Nexus.

Android 4.4 KitKat

nexus 5 kitkat

The Android KitKat isn’t that new actually. It’s an improvement of the ideas Google had two years ago about Ice Cream Sandwich. After releasing Ice Cream Sandwich, Duarte says, the developers decided to focus on the further development of the system’s design and features.And next they released Jelly Bean.  Since then they added more features to the platform and are now coming out with an improved version – Android KitKat. It is a collection of a number of features. Android developers hope that with this version Android will no longer be claimed as having many issues such as running slowly on different devices.

What’s changed about Android in this KitKat version is its memory. Now more devices such as low-end ones will be able to run the operating system easily.

Visually KitKat seems a bit simpler. Some of the widgets have been cut short. The button bar and status bar are slightly transparent and the icons are bigger. New apps, new features, KitKat has many changes and yet it bears some of the predecessor’s features as well.

Whether the two Google products are better than their previous versions is yet to be discovered.