Google Analytics Academy course

Google Analytics Academy:

Google Analytics helped each and everyone of the webmasters to track and gather useful info about their websites. Even the most established websites are using Google Analytics. By the end of 2012 more than 5 million websites are actively using Google Analytics. 


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But Google Analytics is not so easy for everyont to get hold of it. Beginners to blogging and others who uses it first discovers that it’s kind of complex to understand. Because of it’s vast range of features offered, it’s not that easy to understand in first connect with it.

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This is the reason why Google took a new step by Starting a new Digital Aalytics Course to make it easier for everyone to understand the fundementals of the Google Analytics. This course is free and by enrolling in this course we will get expert advice through hangouts and chat sessions to solve our doubts.

Google Analytics course overview

This course starts in October 8 2013 and has 22 videos in it. Each video is about 3 to 10 minutes long involving the activities to complete. It may toally take 5 to 8 hours  or even less depending on your familiarity with Google Analytics.

Visit here and enroll now and improve your Skills on Google Analytics. if you find this useful then please share it and also please comment about your views on this post. Thank you 🙂