Gmail Productivity Tips and Tricks

Just imagine for a moment, that you sent some of your personal stuff (let them be photos, videos etc..;) to your boss instead of your friend via Gmail. That will be an embarrassing situation. But you could have saved yourself, if you did enable secret setting in Gmail, so that you can undo that sent email. WOW that would be cool, but most of us actually don’t know how to do that (i’m not an exception here). So there is an actual way to undo sent messages and lot more ways to increase our productivity on Gmail.

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The below video presents us 5 such tricks that can save us lot of times from such embarrassing and irritating moments. This video includes 5 tricks such as :

  • Undo Sent Messages
  • Save your time and be super lazy
  • Load your Gmail faster than ever
  • Prioritize your emails

So why not spend 1 or 2 minutes for these awesome tips. Just view the video at least once and i can guarantee you that you will sign in to your gmail in an instant..!

[aesop_video width=”500″ align=”center” src=”youtube” id=”oTOHdwdbbUY” loop=”off” autoplay=”off” controls=”on” viewstart=”off”]

So do you think these simple tips can help you or not? Let me know in the comments section below. Thank you 🙂