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HTML5 achieved  a lot of fame in just a short time. May be it’s because of the flexibility and ease of programming offered by it. But the best thing about HTML5 is that we can develop any kind of App or Game using it.When compared to the previous versions of HTML, HTML5 overcame all of them in a flash. Most of the developer community is shifting to the HTML5 platform to develop new applications and games.  To be more specific ,most of the app development companies shifted to HTML5 to reduce their programming costs and time in developing an app or a game. Because it actually takes a lot of money for an individual  developer or a company to create an app or game in other platforms like Android, iOS etc..; But in case of HTML5 all you need is a simple text editor and a little bit of your creativity.

There are many free courses online to help you learn HTML5. But believe me none of them will make a professional. You will eventually end up seeking help from sites like StackOverflow  to clear your simple doubts and this process will delay your learning and will waste your precious time in the process. That is why we recommend you to take courses offered by the professional companies that offer training in an innovative and flexible way. But the problem with these type of companies is that their courses were so expensive. This is the place where i come to your rescue. I’m gonna present you the best deal that will help you master HTML5 App Development by saving both your time and a lot of money.

With this offer you can get a huge 89% discount of the actual cost $700. So with the discount you can get this course for just $69.9 and that’s like once in a lifetime offer. The name of this course is “Become a Professional HTML5 Game Developer“, and the course is given by company Stone Rive eLearning. Many of you may have already heard about it. But let’s discuss a few wirds about the company. And also let’s discuss in detail about the contents of the course offered.

About Stone River eLearning

Stone River eLearning has published over 70 best-selling online courses, mainly in the fields of mobile app and video game development. Watch the simple video below to learn more about the Stone River eLearning and this course.

Buy It Now for just $69.9  : Get 89% Discount and Become a Professional HTML5 Developer

Learn HTML5 – Offered Features or Content by Stone River eLearning:

  • HTML5 programming language
  • Build several HTML5 mobile apps
  • Build several HTML5 games
  • Learn to publish to all the major marketplaces
  • Start your own app or game development business

Learn to create HTML5 apps and games

There are more courses included in this bundle to make you a complete professional HTML5 App Developer. Over 24 Hours of  detailed instruction that will help you create professional HTML5 Games and Apps.

The Included Courses are : 

  • iPhone & Android HTML5 Apps for Beginners
  • BlackBerry 10 HTML5 App Development
  • HTML5 Game Development with LimeJS
  • Create HTML5 Games From Scratch
  • Fundamentals of HTML
  • Advanced HTML
  • Fundamentals of HTML5
  • HTML5 Mobile Game Development by Example -Veggies vs Zombies
  • HTML5 Mobile Game Development by Example – Educational Game

What you’ll need to complete the course:

A Simple Code Editor like Sublime Text or Notepad++ or any other of your choice.

LimeJS Software (It’s Free..!)

So hurry up this offer only lasts for another 2 weeks i.e; upto July 24.

Buy It Now for just $69.9  : Get 89% Discount and Become a Professional HTML5 Developer

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