Recently Fujifilm announced that they are planning to leave the budget sector, however, they are not about to leave the point-and-shoot compact category because this is the niche they are feeling stronger. The new XQ1 camera is the living proof of this. The camera is a great new gadget for every person who wants to give a try of the X-Trans technology.

Design and Specifications of Fujifilm XQ1:

Fujifilm XQ1 is pocket-sized digital camera equipped with 12MP 2/3 inch variant X-Trans CMOS II sensor, phase detection autofocusing and EXR Processor II. The combination of those components deliver great autofocusing speed of 0.06 seconds, fast performance, startup time of 1 second and 0.015 seconds of shutter lag, pretty stunning, right? The sensor, on the other hand, is a bit larger than the sensor in Canon’s PowerShot S120 but relatively smaller than the Sony CyberShot RX100 1” sensor.


The X-Trans CMOS II has a color filter array that can handle the false color generation in terms of low-lid conditions. It also produces images with higher resolution. The new X-E2, lens modulation optimizer plays a significant role in the sharpening of the images. The ISO ranges from 100 to 12700 and if you like changing the settings, you can utilize the focus peaking feature and many others.

Fujifilm XQ1 is equipped with new 4x f/1.8 (25mm-100mm) zoom lens with optical image stabilization. It reduces greatly the flare and ghosting. On the back of the device you will find 3” 920k dot anti-reflective LCD coating and tempered glass. There are a few controls and dials but there is a customizable spinning ring around the lens. The good news is in video mode the camera shoots 1080p HD video at 60FPS and image stabilization and AF tracking. There is also a Wi-Fi button that can take you in wireless mode that will help you transfer images or connect it to a tablet, smartphone or any other device of this kind. However, there is no remote control operation. There are several automated creative modes that users can find handy, especially if they enjoy point-and-shoots.

The price of the camera is 500$ and it is available in two color gammas – all-black or all-silver. There is also a waterproof case accessory that can be purchased. Many people believe that the price is a bit high, but there is something you need to know. This is probably the best camera that you can get within this price range simply because it has everything an amateur photographer might want. This compact camera is definitely a good choice, especially if you like taking pictures in low light conditions. It has everything you need, along with Wi-Fi button that will take the image transfer to a whole new level – everything is easier and the user-interface is extremely friendly. Just press the wireless button, connect to the network and start transferring the images to the device you have chosen. There are also 2 types of colors Silver or Black both look really great.

Conclusion and Verdict:

Fujifilm XQ1 is getting more and more popular and there is a solid reason for this – many people will appreciate the great specification of the pocket-sized camera and go for it – honestly, it beats its competitors within this price range and there is a reason for this!