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The problem with movie reviews is that it is the opinion of one person which influences many others whether to watch someone’s work or not. Hence, it’s very essential for you to know about me to agree with my view of a cinema.

So here it goes :

I love movies with abrupt endings which leave most of the conclusions to be made by the viewers. Big Marvel fan. Occasional rom-com watcher, like when my girl-friends (The hyphen wields lot of power) really push me. I’m gay for Christopher & Jonathan Nolan. Vishal Bharadwaj is the best thing that happened to Bollywood.

Mindbenders over masala.

Engaging over entertaining.

Poetic essence over pot boilers.

If you feel we are in the same bandwidth of a large spectrum of reviews to which you have access to, please do continue. If not, big bare hands to you sir/madam.

To others:

Waddup friend? I’m doing Foxcatcher. Suit up! (Yeah yeah, it doesn’t make sense , I just like saying it)



Richness comes with it’s own baggage. You cannot trust anybody. You don’t have any real friends.

That is exactly the case of John Du Pont (Steve Carell) . It is well known that enough money can buy anything. Even a wrestling team and a win. But what really matters is how close to reality it is. What is fake and what is real?

How does it feel to have a real friend?

How does the warmth of having a family mean?


How does it feel to be loved by your own mother?

How does any of these questions make any sense in a lonely rich man’s mind? I guess there is no point wondering when one numbs himself with cocain and goes haywire instead of finding the reality within and around ones self. I guess you have to witness The Foxcather, The Eagle -as he self proclaims- to know the answers.

Yes money bought him the talent of Mark Schultz. Yes money enabled him (Du Pont) to treat him (Mark) as his slave as he replaced medals won by Mark with cups won by ugly creatures such as horses which Du Pont’s mother holds very dearly to.



In the process Du Pont drags Mark to sniff cocain and make him do things which will cost him many losses both on and off the wrestling mat.


Luckily 1984 Olympic gold winner Mark has an elder brother Dave Schultz who also is an Olympic gold winner and who cares unconditionally about Mark, very contrasting to Du Pont who is a classic case of richness with nothing but emptiness.

When someone has people who are grounded to earth and who care about them, any war is just a silly game which can be won easily.

Untitled 4

But all wars have casualties whether we like it or not and here it is in the form of Dave and wrestling comes across as a silly game when we shed tears for someone who gets beat outside an arena but cheer when inside.

Watch Foxcatcher to get reminded of the cruel ironies of wrestling and why friends and family are more valuable than pieces of paper called money.

On a scale of one to five Foxcatcher horses, I rate this movie four Foxcatcher horses!


Mark and David Schultz after a practice session-


John Du Pont with David Schultz-


David and wife Nancy Schultz share a light moment –


David and Mark Schultz after winning the 1984 Olympic Gold medal-


Du Pont at the time of his arrest-



John Du Pont died on Dec 9, 2010 from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and emphysema.

Mark Schultz was working at a masonry contracting company in Denver as of 2008.


Foxcather for 87th Academy Awards :

Foxcatcher has bagged five nominations.

1. Actor – In a Leading Role

Matthew McConaughey won it for Dallas Buyers Club last year. 

2. Actor – In a Supporting Role

Jared Leto won it last year for Dallas Buyers Club last year.

3. Directing

Alfonso Cuarón won it for Gravity last year.

4. Makeup And Hairstyling

Adruitha Lee and Robin Mathews won it for Dallas Buyers Club last year.

5. Writing – Original Screenplay

Spike Jonze won it last year for Her.