Owning a Microscope will be no longer an expensive issue. TED Fellow Manu Prakash and his team created a new ‘Origami’ based microscope called as “Foldscope.”  This new microscope is made out of paper by folding it. Another main thing is that this paper microscope only costs around 50 cents to make one.


According to the creators of the Foldscope, “Foldscope is an origami-based print-and-fold optical microscope that can be assembled from a flat sheet of paper. Although it costs less than a dollar in parts, it can provide over 2,000X magnification with sub-micron resolution (800nm), weighs less than two nickels (8.8 g), is small enough to fit in a pocket (70 × 20 × 2 mm3), requires no external power, and can survive being dropped from a 3-story building or stepped on by a person. Its minimalistic, scalable design is inherently application-specific instead of general-purpose gearing towards applications in global health, field based citizen science and K12-science education.”

This invention doesn’t involve any moving mechanical parts. Its completely (almost 95%) is comprised of paper. Watch the video above to see the presentation and understand more about the Foldscope by Manu Prakash.

The main intention of this invention is to provide an easier and the cheapest way to diagnose the diseases in under-developed countries like Kenya, Uganda, etc..;

This invention has the capacity rewrite the history and can revolutionize the entire medical, biological and healthcare fields.

Image credits : Foldscope.com