E-commerce in India.

flipkart vs amazon

 It all started in 2007 when the Bansal brothers famously kick started the E-commerce industry in India. Since then things have hardly been the same for the Indian household. Flipkart is largely credited for this acceleration of E-commerce in India. It was just just the start of it. Later came a variety of other websites those buy and sell goods online. While most of them gained popularity very quick, Flipkart had the advantage of a head start and thus remained undefeated until years after its success. After observing the huge potential in India, Amazon, an already very well established E-commerce website stepped in to add a lot of competition. Until then Flipkart was the king of E-commerce in India. Thus began the Flipkart vs Amazon fight in India.

While Flipkart is most certainly a very good marketplace, it still lacks experience and is still toddling. Almost all the previous strategies that Flipkart tried recently have ended up in  horrible results(The Big Bakwas Day?) and it has lost a huge number of users to Amazon recently.

On the other hand Amazon has got almost every single thing going well for them. In the long run, nothing matters more than experience and Amazon has tons and tons of them.

Amazon seems to have become the absolute favourite online store for most Indians. Don’t agree with us?

 Here’s what Mynit* users have to say about this-


Over 55% of the users of Mynit-An opinion based social network, agree that Amazon is way better than Flipkart or any other E-commerce website for that matter.

"An annual comparison shows that Amazon has seen over a 142% jump in the number of unique visitors since May 2014 while for Flipkart, it's nearly 80% surge. For the same period, Snapdeal saw a 90% rise in unique visitors, the data revealed. 
Interestingly, in May 2014, Flipkart was leading by a mile, with more than 13 million unique visitors while both Amazon and Snapdeal were in a tight race with close to 10 million unique visitors to their sites.",

a Times of India report read. 

But the game is not over yet, we’ll have to wait for days to come to see how flipkart counters this. Until then keep coming back to our website every now and then.


*Mynit is an opinion based social network. I’m simply in love with the app and I believe you should try it too. We have previously written a blog about Mynit and you can check it here. To download the app click here.