Increase Site Traffic

Why every website owner wants to increase his/her site’s traffic more and more every time? Answer is Simple, more Traffic more Money. If you have more useful, good and unique content, then traffic increases itself over time. All you need to do is a little hard work and also have some patience.

Most of the newbie bloggers and webmasters finds this task (increasing traffic) as a difficult one. But there are some exceptions to this view if you follow some ways i have presented below. There are also some unethical measures that can increase your traffic sooner, but in the long run they will certainly destroy your website. So i suggest you to always

Be active on Social Networks and Blogging Communities

No  matter   how  old  your   website  is,  it  gets  popular   only  if  it  is actively  shared  on  the Social networking sites. Everyone knows this but  the unknown  fact  to  many is  that  not only  the  website but also the  website’s  admin  or   owner   also  should  par ticipate actively on  Social networks(facebook,twitter ,linkedin,google+, Stumble upon)and  most  importantly Blogging Communities such as Triberr, Indiblogger  etc.

Become a guest blogger

Guest blogging is  one of  the oldest  method(comes second)  to increase  site’s traffic.  You will  get  one  or   two  free  backlinks through  this  method.There  will also  be  significant increase in your site’s traffic. My  suggestion is , implement  this  method only  if  you have  more no.of content or articles with you. You can get the same result through Commenting also.

Accept Guest posts on your Blog/Site

Accepting  guest  posts  on  your   site  improves  your   site’s  visibility to more  number   of users.  Imagine  that  a  new  guest  post  has  been published  on  your site.  After it’s published  you  will  share  it  on Social media  and  also the  author   of  the  guest  post  also shares it. Thus the visibility of your  post/article doubles eventually the traffic increases.

Comment on other sites with same niche

This  method  is  an  Evergreen  Classic  method  (older   than  Guest blogging).  This  one  not only  increases  your   blog  traffic  but  also gets  you  a  backlink  from the  site  you  have commented. Commenting on  high  PR  and  DA sites  will  increase your   site’s  Alexa rankings too. This  is the method that  every blogger in the  world should implement(This is  how  i increased  my traffic  and improved  my  alexa rankings  in  just a  month  by  almost 75%).

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

This  method  is  the  toughest    one  of  all  the  ways  to  increase  a website  traffic.So  if  you have  more  money  with  you  and  you  don’t want  to  sweat  then  i suggest  you  to  choose paid  advertising method  below.  If  you  are ready  then  you  need to do  a  deep research, learn about the terms keywords, sitemaps, Indexing, and more. See How to use  SEO keywords and  the Benefits  of SEO.  The term SEO cannot  be  taught entirely in one post. So i recommend you to do a google search and do a deep research.

Please let us know your views in the comments below. And also don’t for to share this with your blogger friends. Thank you 🙂