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Internet Security Tips:

Internet is not at all a safe place anymore. Every important detail we save here can be exposed with an ease with or without our consent. Hackers and Crackers, both are really working hard to deface the Internet. Your personal detials, emails, messages, etc., all can be dangerous for you, if they are caught into wrong hands. Even the government agencies are spying on internet users worldwide, for example the recent NSA spying incident(they are actually trying to protect the world from bad people like terrorists etc).

So it’s time for us to take certain measures and protect ourselves from internet threats like hackers, crackers, phising, spying agents etc.

Follow these simple tips below to secure yourself online.

1) Install an Antivirus with Internet Security Protection

It’s a wise decision to install an antivirus which provides internet security features. It’s the first option to do if you are not having one installed on your PC, Laptop or Mac. You can ignore this if you are using a linux based Operating System(it’s better if you switch to one of the Linux Distro, i recommend Ubuntu). Some famous Antivirus examples are Norton, Kaspersky, Quick Heal, Avast etc.

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2) Setup Two Factor Authenciation

Protecting our social media and email accounts online should bee our first priority. Most of these sites offer two factor authenciation now. So it’s better to switch for this new feature. After activating this new feature, you can login only after entering the code send to your email or Mobile. So it’s far more safe than the normal login process.
Facebook, Twitter, Google, Micrsoft, Yahoo etc. almost all companies are providing this feature now. So why not we use it when they provide it for free? Let’s enable it

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3) Use unique, lenghty and mixed and different passwords

Always use unique, lenghty passwords mixed with upper and lower case letters, numbers, symbols etc. and also use different password for different sites. And the most important thing is “Always use Virtual keyboard” and  never share your Password with your online friends unless you knew them well.

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4) Use alternate email id for Password recovery

Some times you may forget your password and go for the “Forgot my Password” option to reset your password. The link to reset password is sent your primary email of the account. Imagine that a hacker already hacked your primary email account and he used the “forgot my password” to generate a reset password link to get hold of your facebook or twitter account. So it’s better if you set your alternate email as your password recovery email address.

5) Never click on suspicious or spam links

Internet is full of s**t. You can even find many spam links on search results also. This is one of the main reason why google is updating it’s search algorithm frequenly. We often get many spam emails, some also arrive to our inbox directly. This emails contain links that are very dangerous which causes serious threat to our privacy online. This is where an antivirus with internet security features comes in handy. So never click on those links even they arrive from your friends(a man can change very fast, who knows anyway).

Note: Avoiding Spying agents like NSA is almost impossible. Actually there is no reasson to avoid them unless you’re a bad user of this world. So stay calm and enjoy the endless possibilities of internet.



So these are only some tips to protect ourselves from the threats online. These tips may do the work, but as i said before “Internet is full of s**t,” so we should be careful on every step we take here.

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